Cervelo R5 size help

Hi folks,

I have a question about R5 size… I’m 168cm tall, 78cm inseam, I’m considering size 48 or 51. Some opinions are opting for smaller size if between 2 sizes… or size 51 is actually quite suited for my body measurement?

If any cervelo owners have any similar body measurements or experience, please feel free to share your thoughts… thank you so much!

172 cm tall, I have 51 cm R5. I wouldn’t want it any smaller.

Thanks for response! Just curious if someone 168cm tall with shorter stem is suited for 51 size?

Do you have a current bike that you feel fits you well? If so what is the bike, stem length, and handlebar? And seatpost offset if you know that as wel

Get a consult from a fitter. They will get you on the right bike frame and size based on your specific dimensions, flexibility, and relative core strength. If they are truly third party, you might even find out that certain frames will be a poor fit for you (that you thought would work). Well worth the investment in a consult.

What bike are you currently riding?

You can then use geometrygeeks.bike to compare your current bike against the R5 to get the correct size.

Thanks man, I’m riding Giant Propel, its size XS, stem 80, handle bar 400, the seatpost offset around -8 cm…

Assuming the Propel not the most recent update (2023 version), I compared it versus both sizes of the R5. This is comparing just the frame itself via geometry geeks:

Note that this is only comparing the frame itself. So if all other components (ie. stem, bars, seat post, pedals):
The 48 cm Cervelo is going to have the bars 20 mm lower and 9 mm closer to you than your current setup
The 51 cm Cervelo is going to have the bars the same distance to you but they are going to be 5 mm higher

Depending on how many spacers you have under your stem currently you could probably get either size to match your Stack and Reach by playing with the amount of spacers under the stem as well as the stem length. Based on the geometry, to me the 51 cm seems like the better fit since the frame geo is more similar to your propel. To get the 48cm to match your current setup you’d have to have 20mm more spacers underneath the stem (some people don’t like this) as well as use a 90mm stem (this would give the bike a more stable, less twitchy feel than an 80mm stem).

Hope this kind of helps you think about it. Happy to go into more detail or answer more questions

Not an R5 but I ride a 51cm 2019 Cervelo R2 and am 166cm with a 76cm inseam, could likely go for a longer stem.

170cm, 69.5cm saddle height riding 51 R5