USAC and Gravel

Recently USA Cycling has announced it wants to take a more active role in Gravel racing and its success.

Inside USA Cycling’s plans to nurture the next generation of gravel cyclists -

My take: Stay the heck out, USAC!! You ruin everything.

That is all.


Makes sense on their end to get involved. USAC membership has to be lower and lower every year. Partner on some gravel races, make us buy a membership, throw a natty champ.


as long as it stays mullet. Racers competing for $$ in the front with license required, and then everyone else.

There is absolutely no reason or benefit in have a cycling license. I don’t need a license to tell me what category to race. Race who you want.


Exactly what I (a 55 yo man) told my very competitive, who was going for an over all podium. “We are riding very different races. You’re riding for a podium, I’m riding to beat myself, and if I do a good job finish top 50%.” I like to be better than average, but just throwing a leg over the top tube puts us in a different category so there’s that too.

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Have to disagree here…starting with the insurance coverage that USAC can provide.

That said, I wish USAC would stay the hell out of gravel. Some of the comments made in that article clearly shows that they don’t understand gravel and are just trying to jump in to save the org, not help promote bike racing.


If it’s about insurance, then make it optional for that explicit purpose. By Gods Grace, I have insurance. I have no interest is supporting an organization that doesn’t benefit me or uphold the values that I think benefit the sport & the rider. USAC is meaningless. They can’t even adequately support or represent at the National level, imo