US Customs - bike bought in Europe

Are you seriously not able to see how low and/or not paid taxes translates to lesser government service? You’re stealing from the government…then blaming the government for not having the resources to fix things? And what…you want a ballot initiative to fix a pothole?

Talk about mental jiu jitsu…

P.S. I was in the Bay Area a couple months ago. Didn’t even get shot. Can we stop with the fear mongering?


I mean, if they found the pallets of cash that disappeared maybe they wouldn’t need this duty/taxes from some dude buying a bike?

Or maybe if they didn’t scrap oversight of the cash-grab, I mean PPP program.

Carry on…




Fear mongering. Yeah if you live in peninsula among thousands of multi-millionaires, life is peachy. Cops are so bored they used to write me and other cyclists tickets for not stopping completely at a stop sign when there were no other cars around. And I mean that. I slowed down to almost a stop and passed. He said I was still moving.

I used to rent there and never, ever worried about my safety.

Now, in the east bay, at least a dozen times a year, I hear about cyclists being run off the road and robbed of their bikes, phones and money at gunpoint. Literally a block off of my home (and I’m not even in the real bad parts)

Literally babies are getting shot to death down the street in Oakland.

Oakland Police literally sent people mail saying they should barricade their doors to avoid home invasions.

Guess my taxes haven’t made it far enough to provide me with basic safety.

But yeah it’s all in my head I’m sure. Everything’s peachy.

EDIT: Did I mention Oakland is one of the highest taxed cities in CA? Cool.

California lets voters vote on almost anything. That’s why there’s a prop 65 warning at the bottom of almost every product sold in the US. Those voters didn’t understand that yes, in the wrong dose, almost everything we use is “linked” to cancer…

Oaklands murder rate is one quarter that of St. Louis, if you’re interested.

Wow - not even just stealing bikes any more - now they’re stealing the cyclists?


Sweet data bro. I guess I’m not familiar with the city of St. Louis that’s in the Bay Area we were just discussing. You made extremely valid points, thank you.

Thanks, edited.

As with most beurocratic agencies, your outcome is 100% correlated to the mood of the customs agent. Get one that just wants to check your papers and go along your way?… you’re good. Get one that has questions that he/she probably already knows the answer to and is waiting for you to lie, good luck!

If you put it in a normal bike travel case, you’ll be absolutely fine. Have it new, still in the package, may raise some eyebrows

I know this thread is about something else now, but FWIW I once declared a bike on my blue customs landing form thinking it would be fine since I used it where I bought it before bringing it into the US. Turns out it needed to be older than 3 or 6 or 12 months or some length of time, so I got hit with an import fee. Was like $85 on a £1000 hardtail in 2014 iirc. Entering at Newark and headed to Chicago.

Thing is, they couldn’t find the cashier to ring me up so after about 10 minutes they just let me go and ripped up the paper. I suspect they would have preferred I didn’t say anything about it in the first place.


Yup I know of a gangbanger who steals cyclists all the time.

He keeps them in a dimly lit dungeon full of Wahoo kickrs running Zwift.

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Sorry that joke has already been made along with the edit.

You lot are painting a rosy picture of the US :joy:

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