Upgrading Tarmac Bike

Hello everyone!

I got the chance of replacing my bicycle´s frame (Tarmac sport 2015) and I have two options:

Option 1. Getting a new frame (Tarmac Pro 2017) keeping my old set up (105 group and FSA crankset) and wheels (Axis 2.0). Cost= 0 (but I would upgrade the groupset eventually)

Option 2. Upgrading to a new bike: Tarmac SL6 with ultegra R8000 groupset and wheels DT Swiss. Cost = 1650

I would realy appreciatte your opinion on what would you go for and why.

Thanks everyone!

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What are you goals overall, and any related to the potential bike changes?

Overly simple, money is no object, having two bikes (one for dedicated trainer duty and one for outside use) can be handy. But there are also space and maintenance considerations.

Might help to know your priorities to point in any of the many possible directions.


Hi mcneese!

I take part in some gran fondos and mainly use it as a trainning bike. I did consider having two bikes but that is not an option anymore. The reason to change is that the actual frame has a little defect that the guarantee covers with a replacement. So changing the frame is a must.

I have been offered those two options and my main doubt if what frame is better and if the components upgrade is worthy the payment required or not.

I can afford the option 2 so that would not be a issue. Also option 2 lets me standing with a new bike and new components.


Option 1 and put some of the money from Option 2 toward some wheels.


At that price, option 2.

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Specialized has made enormous improvements in frames as it has gone from the SL4 to SL5 to SL6. I first tested the Tarmac in 2015 and found the frame to be stiff and uncomfortable, so I chose the Roubaix. In 2019, I tested and purchased the Tarmac (S-Works). Amazingly different feel in terms of comfort and responsiveness. I don’t know what frame the 2017 Tarmac Pro uses, but if it is an older generation than the SL6, I would suggest that you will get greater comfort and performance out of the new bike you mentioned.

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Does option 2 have discs? If so, I’d go that route.

Always good to have wheels/hubs/dropouts that are forwards compatible. Specifically, 12x100mm disc front, 12x142mm disc rear.

The industry has already begun obsoleting rim brakes.


SL6 all the way!


Yes, Option 2 has disc brakes. Option 1 keeps rim brakes.


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the biggest question I have is do you have any legacy parts right now, I.E a lot of extra wheels and other bikes that share similar components, if so then option 1.

However, between these options, number 2 is a much better deal and will get you into all modern technology.


Option 2, no doubt. I’ve ridden my fair share of high end bikes, and I would pick the Tarmac SL6 every time.


Disc brakes and thru axles all the way. You’ll be a happier, faster, and safer rider all around, I believe. Also, having a dedicated trainer bike is such a huge plus!! Changed my life :sunglasses:


Then I’d vote for Option 2, disc brakes make a big difference and your bike will have much better resale value down the road.

Option 2 seems like a huge upgrade for $1650. I agree with everyone above about the SL6 and disc brakes, and I’ll add that it’ll also be a nice change to go from the old 105 to the new Ultegra. I made a similar upgrade on my bike (old Ultegra to new Dura Ace), and it’s a noticeable improvement, particularly shifts in the front.

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