Upgrading out of category for a race I'm already registered for (UK)

I’m registered for a 3/4 race, but I’m close to my cat 2, and that race comes after 4 more crits where I might be able to close out the points. I don’t want to try and get cute and skip the crits, because I could have a bad day in the 3/4 RR and be stuck. If I get the points I need before the the 3/4 RR, can I still race and they just won’t count the points?

Organisers discretion. I’ve done it before (4/5 years ago) and have had a couple team mates do it and gotten away with it, I don’t think you’re given license points for it but can’t honestly remember. Fairly sure the organiser can also just turn you away though.

I would e-mail whoever is organising the race and just ask, at least then it doesn’t look like you’re trying to chance it in a 3/4 for easy points if you do get your 2nd cat license.

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Yeah, I’ve made a family trip out of going to the race, and I’ve not been able to do an RR this year, so I’d like to do it. I also fully understand, from the experience of being on the other side, that it’s not fun to have a 2 show up on your results sheet ahead of you in a 3/4.

If I haven’t hit 40, it’s a moot point anyway. If I’m right on 40, or a few points over, I’ll probably see if I can go ahead. If I really smash these next crits (and they’ll likely be small fields, so more point potential) and I’m 5 or 10 points over, I might just bag the race, still take the bike, and enjoy the holiday.

Not sure how it is these days with. online entry etc. Back in the paper days if you upgraded between start sheet being released and the event you could still ride - just no points.

Check the rule book for details - it should be on the site as a PDF.

I had this happen to me. I upgraded after I registered and they bumped me into the higher (appropriate) field.

Just send them an email if it happens. It’s not a big deal on their end to give you a number.

I would definitely not just show up as a cat 2 to a cat 3/4 race. If it is USAC they might let you race but you will be
DQ on the results list (and excluded from podium if you make it).

Assuming the crits are at Lochgelly or Carlisle? Most certainly going to be a small field this week at least just because of the turn in weather. Most of the races in this Summer’s series have been pretty small fields in general though, which is surprising all things considered. Which RR have you entered? Muckle?

No, Miltonduff actually. Looks like the Autumn crits are going ahead, so I think that frees me up more to not worry about points in this current series, and if it’s close I can leave it.

Yeah, what I’ve seen over here in the UK is that they’ll leave the rider in the results and zero out their points. It’s great that we get big fields over here (usually), but unlike the US, you’ll often just have one field (3/4 or 1/2/3) at a given race, where in the US you’ll have a bunch of different fields, so making that switch is easy.

Sorry, yes to Lochgelly. RR is Miltonduff.

Ah yeah, I forgot about that one. Can’t remember if I’ve ever done that course before, but good luck regardless. It will be good to actually do a road race instead of lap after lap of Lochgelly!

I should firstly make clear that I have looked this up in the past and don’t just have the British Cycling Handbook memorised lol. But, R5.3.11. is the applicable rule:

“A rider who has obtained sufficient points for upgrading to a different ability category, but has entered an Event under their current category for which the closing date has passed, may compete in that Event but shall not be eligible for any Licence Points.”

Hope that helps!


Thanks. It’s insanely flat, especially compared to any other RR we do.

Thanks all. I should say, catting up is totally an ego thing; I won’t benefit in any way from being a 2 instead of 3. In fact, I’ll have fewer races I can do.

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