4iiii factory installation

Has anyone sent their cranks off to the states from the UK to get a power meter installed? The one I’m looking at is $299 which works out about £215 but they mention possible charges added through customs etc. Just wondering what overall costs id be looking at

I did cause it was for a Hollowgram crank, from what I remember I think it was around £60 for import/taxes but it could of been more. If its just a standard cranklike 105/ultegra I would buy here. Look around they’re often in sales.


I just did and it’s supposed to come in tomorrow. Shouldn’t be any taxes or customs cause they mark the custom sheet as repair.

Amazing if that’s the case

I really hope you don’t but I think you’ll get a nasty surprise from FedEx around a week after delivery. I did :sob:

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You got a custom invoice?

Yes and yes there are customs charges to pay, can’t remember how much but it still worked out as a decent price total for me (Dura-ace crank).

Same for me: A bit over £60 import charge on the way back in.

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I think it was a customs bill. I definitely had to pay FedEx a couple of weeks after pm arrived. If they write repair then then you may be ok.

Any update on this?

I got it and still no custom bill. Every time I’ve gotten a custom bill it was before the item was delivered. One of the people mentioned paying euros so they might have to pay Cananda to Europe.

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I’m also looking to get a 4iiii factory install. Bought the ride-ready pwoermeter but it didn’t fit with my Canyon Endurance CF SL. Anyone has experience with the combination of 4iiii and Canyon Endurace? How much space is there left between pwoermeter and crank?

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4iiii has a PDF clearance checker tool on their website (scroll down a bit on the page):


In general, for the Precision model, if you can fit a AAA battery between your crank and the chain stays, then you’re probably ok.

Hope that helps.

I sent a crank for a precision factory install - FSA K-Light - after 10 days sitting in their workshop they say it’s not compatible. Still waiting for it to be returned, and I hope I don’t have to pay anything after the awful service - I’d recommend getting written assurance before sending anything in - would go with Stages really.

I had an Endurace CF SL 7.0 and left side 4iiii crank. It fit perfectly with 1.5mm worth of spacers under the PM crank arm!

I’m in the states and I sent my crank to Canada. Import free materially affected final price, though it works better than many on my stages PM’s.

Cautionary tale - I am having to go through all forums to denounce 4iiii in hopes they will answer my emails, but let it be an example of their customer support if you decide to go with them

  • I have a Stages dual sided powermeter on Ultegra cranks that I bought off the shelf, and have been very happy with it - no connection drops, no weird power readings. Wanting to have a crank based powermeter in my other bike, I checked and saw that Stages don’t do factory installs on FSA cranks (I like the FSA carbon cranks I have on that bike and wanted to keep them) but 4iiii do
  • Checked on their webpage and my FSA K-light are listed as compatible - so I sent the required emails with the model, the photos checking clearance to frame and sent the left crank for the factory install
  • 10 days later, I start to wonder why the crank is still in the scheduled installation/installation phase - so I write an email and get a response saying the crank is not compatible for a Precision factory install and that I will be refunded
  • I am pretty annoyed at this point, as it has taken them 10 days to check the crank and see that it is not compatible (BS, as they still show FSA as compatible in their site), but ok, I ask why is it not compatible and when will I get my crank back
  • No response (although they did refund the money, thank God) on either of the two points: so I start calling, sending emails and finally, I have to resort to public shaming in the hopes they will return my frigging crank. Still no sign of my crank btw.
  • So I cannot speak on how their powermeters work, but I can say that their customer service is non-existent and they will leave you to rot if you have an issue, so I’d honestly give them a pass based on my experience.