Unstructured Threshold training in long rides?

Thanks, yeah brain fart on seconds vs minutes

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yesterday I had to do a triple take to understand what you meant :joy:

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I definitely agree with this. But anything above probably 10-15 min is getting to splitting hairs depending on your specificity. When I was doing SS stuff this winter it wasn’t unusual for my coach to give me something like “4-6 15-25min intervals at 270-285W”. So depending on my fatigue, TTE, and what makes sense with my route I can mix it around until I hit the general target of TiZ. But I never got anything like “15 5min Intervals at SS power”, that would just be super annoying.


We just announced a new Garmin data field that can be used specifically for this purpose.


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Thanks! I have been Xert user for 2 years and will maybe come back after my TR subscription is finished. I want to focus most of my riding outside and don’t understand why, being TR such a big company, outside rides are not considered in their PL scheme yet after so much wait.