Unicycling -> better bike handling?

So, unicycles seem like a great tool for getting across a campus, but also it looks like it would beat on your core balance pretty well. Anyone know or have experience with the extent to which unicycling strength transfers to better bike handling?

I have one. I can ride it. I don’t think it really transfers to better bicycle handling per se. To be fair I wouldn’t know how to quantify the affects of riding or not riding a unicycle on handling.

I think experience, when you started riding (younger riders are more innate handlers in general…same with skiing, or add any sport here) and judgement play a bigger roll than say technique or balance.

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It’s prob good for a strong core since your balancing but being a good bike handler is about being able to pick and take lines at speed and carry speed/ momentum. I don’t see how unicycle would apply since you’re not going to be anywhere near the speed of any bike racing disciplines.

Only if you can juggle knives at the same time.


There may be some mild benefits from a core and sense of balance standpoint, but it’s not a great solution IMO. The control and feel are not really transferred between 1 and 2 wheels.

There’s bunch of kids of similar age in the local CX scene that used to ride their unicycles in the kiddy races. They had their grown spurts over 2020 and now shred in A grade races. The unicycling and shredding probably have nothing to do with each other than being two facets of bike stoke.

There’s probably about as much crossover to bike handling as there is with riding rollers.

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