Tyre wear, close to rim

Looking for tyre advice. Affects both front and rear.
Continental 5000 tubeless.
3 years old, limited outdoor use, never on wheel on turbo etc.
There is a thread of tyre material pulling away, and there is a groove where it has done this before for a while. How bad is this? Replace now, or leave? Rest of tread depth indicators are ok.

Makes me think your rim brakes need to be adjusted. This can happen when pads are too high and contact tire rather than simply the brake surface in the rim

Toss it. The weather checking (cracks) are signs of issues and a degraded tire. The thread pulling at the casing is also not good.

Time for new treads.


The thread is from the fabric casing and very common on continental tires, as long as the bead is intact its fine. But the cracking on the tread means the tire is done. Was it stored near an ozone source?


These tires have dry rot. Rubber has a finite lifespan whether it is used or not.

The grip is probably terrible and while I don’t think you’re at an immediate risk of a blowout, they’re not getting any better.

Do yourself a favour and get some new ones.

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Yeah, those are toasted.


Thanks - new ones ordered…
Just stored in garage, no ozone that I know of…
perhaps I should bring the wheels indoors? Does that help prevent dry rot?
Any tips for replacement, do I clean out all the old sealant or leave?
Thanks for all the prompt advice, much appreciated.

Temperature cycling will potentially degrade tires. I have tires much older than yours, stored in my basement that is normal temps and low humidity, that show no signs of cracking.

  • Yes, wipe the full rim down inside and start fresh.

The cracking is bad… but both sets of my GP5K’s have had the bead thread coming away, pretty sure I read somewhere that it was common

I think you can push it a bit further! Lol
I say this jokingly, but in all seriousness, tires go much much longer than you’d think. These are conti gator skins and I have run many a training set down to this before replacing

Yes, definitely time for new tires.

I always store my good bikes/tires indoors and I’ve never seen that kind of rubber cracking on Continental GPs.

I have had the loose threads on the sidewalls. It’s best to clip them off when you see them rather than pull on them and take even more off.

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I’ve found anything rubber in a garage will crack like that. Maybe repeated exposure to car exhaust does it.

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Maybe heat and cold cycles in an unheated garage?

My other three sets of tyres (conti tubed) in garage seem ok, so suspect this tyre/batch not as resilient. This was my first tubeless set.
Will try a new set one more time, and relegate these to training (indoor) tyres.

I don’t actually think those tyres look that bad.

The conti strings are a thing - all my 5000TL tyres had them but not seen any on my newer TR version yet touch wood.

The cracking…I’ve seen worse.