Tyre Size for a Century

Hi All

Hopefully you can give me a little help on tyre selection for a Century ride in the UK in September.

I will probably be riding the Continental Grand Prix4-season.

Will it make much difference whether I buy the 28’s or 32’s.



Depends much more on the terrain than the distance in my opinion

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If your bike can accommodate 32s then you could run a slightly lower pressure than the 28s for a bit more comfort. I’m guessing you’re not worried about out and out speed if you’re considering those sizes and tyres?

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I ran GF Strade Bianche with 25 tyres
really don’t understand why use >28 on normal roads

Hi Guys

Thanks for the reply.

Speed isn’t a priority but comfort is. I will be on road on this occasion but I will be using on my gravel bike (Current Tyres are Clements 38’s )and I am unlikely to change the tyres for trails etc. In your opinion do you think there will be much difference in comfort?


32s might feel a bit harder than your current tyres but will ride considerably and noticeably quicker.
28s will be quicker still, those watt savings will be appreciated when you realise you may have done 70 miles but you still have 30 to go.

If it was me, I’d go for the 28s, those and the gravel bike riding position should be more than enough for crappy UK roads


I’ve used 4 Seasons for many years. 28 more than enough on our pants UK roads

Thanks All.

Went for the 28’s.


I’ve ridden many many centuries, most of them on 23s, but the more recent ones on 25s. I can see how a person could ride 28s and sacrifice maybe a tiny bit of speed for comfort. I honestly don’t think 32 mm tires are appropriate for a century that is all on paved roads, it’s just too much tire for the job. A good quality 28 mm tire on a nice rim will really make for an enjoyable century ride.

I ride audax events and went from 32 to 28. No appreciative difference at all and I still run them at 60-65psi. I am 72-75kg and carry all my provisions including a spare tyre on very long rides.

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