Types of fatigue


I noticed that after intervals and after a long ride, I’m not fatigued the same way. I don’t think I can accurrately describe this but after an interval session, i get a more sharp and violent but shorter fatigue whereas after a long ride, it feels like a more chill, sustained, over the week general fatigue.

Is that something real, something that you can build your training plan around ( for example if you want an easier week replace the interval session for a long ride ) or is just a question of feeling ?

Although I don’t really know if, let’s say a 1h30 sub-threshold interval workout is supposed to be more tiring than a 3/4h z2 ride ( i mean tiring in general, not for the muscles ).

Different ride use different muscles groups and cardio systems… A long ride is generally lower intensity but it will use the muscles for longer lasting fatigue… While shorter intervals will use other system and usually recovered after a day or 2…

So what you describe is very normal…


OK thanks I wanted to make sure :+1:

Google “peripheral fatigue vs central fatigue” and you’ll find the answer.

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Yep that’s exactly it, thank you!