Tubolights are blocking airflow to valve stems

Hi all,
I just installed Tubolight inserts in my DTSwiss 30mm rims with Aspen 2.4’s. I love the feeling and have rave reviews for them, but one annoying thing is that I cannot release air pressure from my presta valves—I have to remove the valve core (at which point air is STILL not coming out) and insert a 2 mm hex into the valve stem to push the noodle out of the way to release air. It seems like the noodle is pushed against the valve stem.

This makes checking psi quite the chore. The severity of the blockage seems to vary day to day, but it’s always a chore that involves removing the valve core.

Has anybody else experienced this problem? I do not have the Tubelight valvestems, but according to the website you don’t need them. I don’t know if there’s any thing different about them.

I have similar problems with the Vittoria airliners. The multi way valves really do help but are not necessary.

Alright, I came up with a solution, in case anybody searches and finds this thread.

Upon initial installation, I inserted sealant in two places: (1) Between the tire and the insert by pouring it in before getting the second bead on, and (2) between the insert and the rim via the valve stem. Number 2 was causing the problem–all that sealant crammed between the insert and the rim was causing the problem, not necessarily the insert itself. The valve stem was a goopy mess!

I un-installed and re-installed everything, but this time I only poured sealant in the tire (outside of the insert) before fully installing the second bead. Seems to work great so far.