Tubeless users...glitter or no glitter?

All you tubeless users out there, do you use glitter or not?

If you do, why? Any objective experiences or just because 1.) It’s kinda fun & 2.) It doesn’t cost much to do it anyhow and there seems to be little downside.

Some context for those that may not know the background here:

And a biased response:


I’ll do anything that makes flat tire prevention more festive


I just use OrangeSeal and it has some glitter in it already. I don’t add anything extra. I HATE glitter and don’t want to ever have to handle it so I doubt I’ll ever try it :grinning:


If you have a blow out is it accompanied by a sparkly cloud? Asking for a friend :grin:


Never tried the glitter trick. I’ve used Orange Seal for years in multiple wheel sets and have been so much happier than when I used their competitor. It doesn’t dry up as quickly and seals very well.

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I run tubeless with no sealant. Just glitter. I blow a cloud of unicorns out with every puncture. I tried confetti first but it only works with big tears.


and it is fabulous :rainbow:


There is pride parade in my city this month, and i can assure you if there is anything they taught me, everything is better with glitter.

…don’t know about tires tho


i tried it once and it looked like a unicorn farted all over my basement. It was my fault, but it just made a mess and I was so pissed, lol.

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I’ve been using tubeless on my MTB’s for a couple of years now. I could never go back to using tubes and have heard the glitter thing mentioned a couple of times.
Using glitter is not something I’ve tried on the bike, so no for that one, but I’ve used both Orange Seal and Stan’s Race Sealant. The latter has loads of little granules in it that serve a similar purpose. My take away is that I’ve never had as many blocked valves as with the granules added.
Make sure you have removable valve cores if you go down that path. I rode my last race with way too much pressure in the front because I blocked the valve during a last minute top up and couldn’t back the pressure off.

I never liked glitter. It’s not just fabulous people that like it. All the girly girls used to go nuts with the stuff at dance parties. I’m sure they still do. The hard part was explaining to the boss on a Monday when you missed some while getting scrubbed up for work.

Nope. I used tubulars for years (TT wheels, and then for CX). Never used glitter or anything of the like.

Got a big hole in my rear tyre on a soggy London evening last week. Huge pool of Orange Seal happily blowing bubbles to itself and refusing to actually seal… and I have to admit the glitter was not just ineffective but also invisible, which is a pity as it might have cheered me up ever so slightly.


No glitter. If you want something with particles in it, there’s orange seal and others, which likely work better than some random glitter mix.

Plus that might be a small thing, but I don’t like adding all these tiny plastic bits to the environment.


If glitter was necessary to make the sealant work, I think the manufacturers would add it from the outset.

Note: non-latex based sealants do require particles in the sealant, but latex based sealants (stans, orange seal) work just fine without the particles.

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Don’t worry about it. All those big bits of plastic we add will be little bits soon enough.
Maybe someone should try some cracked pepper instead.
“Cracked pepper sir?” “Why the F not!”.