Which Tubeless Sealant? (2024)

I have finally moved over to the Tubeless. Didn’t really have a choice as my new wheels are hookless. I’m going to be running my 28mm tyres at 70psi (i’m heavy) so need a sealant that wont spray everywhere.

Having just found out what a pain it is to fit hookless compatible tyres! I don’t fancy removing the tyres every couple of months, so would prefer to use a sealant that can be added through the valve.

Have accepted they will need to be removed every now and again to remove the dried sealant, so will do that annually.

What are you guys go to sealants, and how long do you find they last before needing to be topped up or replaced? there are so many brands around (and conflicting reviews) I don’t know where to start.

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Thanks, I have read through various threads but none are that recent.

I assume sealant tech has moved on, so would be good to hear some info on what people are using currently in 2024 :smiley:

What sealants to avoid, and what sealants work well at higher pressures.

Orange Seal for the win!!


Orange Seal (regular, not endurance) for the win!


Orange seal: regular on the road, endurance off the road.


Good old Stans. I top them up whenever they quit holding air, maybe 6 months to a year.


This year will be my first year on road tubeless…so no opinions there, I use the Vittoria sealant on gravel and MTB though.

Secondary question though, can you fit wider tires? The difference between a 28 and a 32mm is roughly 20 psi on most calculators (if you believe them), which is significant in reducing sealant fountain risk.

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I edited this title and the preceding topic to include relevant years covered. We might as well do these annually like the other threads with this trend.


I ran Stan’s No tubes last year but read on the bottle that above 40psi it’s not effective (I run at 73psi with 25mm road tires). I just bought Muc-Off and will try that this year.

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What? It says on the bottle to use whatever the tire and wheel are rated for for road tubeless. The 40 psi is for seating the bead.


I’ve been using Orange Seal, but honestly haven’t been able to test it’s effectiveness. Filled some tires with regular in August, and just popped them off the rims a couple days ago. They weren’t completely dried up, but would have needed a refill to work correctly.

Can’t remember where, but heard Silca recommended in terms of effectiveness even though you can’t fill through the valve, so am going to give it a try.

MTB on my side so sub 20 psi…

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  • I can’t see a separate thread, but the Silca sealant is not well loved from the bits I have seen here. The sealant killed tubeless wheel tape in some very common cases and I think the longevity is an issue as well. I’d suggest some more searching before picking that over some of the other well established options.

I’ve ran Stans for 7 or so years now without a single failure. I change it annually on my XC bike.

As a note, I still run tubes in my road bike, but with Stans “No Tubes” in the tubes :slight_smile:



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For Road or race day off road? Silca.

For Gravel/MTB general use, Orange Seal Regular.

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I think the biggest collection experiences is on Weightweenies, experiences seem to all indicate that it hasn’t gotten better (worse in some cases).



I have a bottle of the regular stans sealant (non race version) so am thinking of giving it a try first off.

What was your experaince using it? Any obvious punctures during the time you have been using it? And if so did the sealant do its job? Im obv interested in how you have got on as ill be running similar pressure. :smiley:

I’ve been using Stans and had amazing luck with it.

I’m convinced that the recommendation to add sealant all the time is a ploy by “big sealant” to get us to purchase more. /sarcasm

Maybe only half sarcastic as I’ve never “needed” to add more sealant. I’ve been on the original amount that I added when I first mounted my new rubber back in September of 2022. I put about 6k or 7k km on those tires so far and they still hold air like day one.

Long story short, tubeless road is awesome, Stans is amazing, add sealant only as you NEED to. Enjoy.


Thank you,

Do you mind just confirming if you use the regular stans or the race version.

What size tyre do you run and how much sealant did you add to each tyre?