Tubeless tire beads unseat everytime i deflate my tire

Does the Aeolus comp not use the Bontrager rim strip? If it is supposed to use the Bontrager strip and you’re using the Stans tape… that might be a part of the problem.

The Bontrager rims generally use a plastic strip to seal the rim and increase the bead shelf height slightly. This is in replacement of the tape typically used for rims.

Here’s an example of what that looks like.

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I use a Prestaflator with an air compressor. Works great and no need to remove valve core.

I’ve also never seen a tire pop off the bead after putting maybe 12 total road tubeless tires, among 6 rims, 3 different tire models. Even with soapy slick beads, they stay put, and when it’s time to change, it takes some effort to pop them out. I would feel very uncomfortable riding a tire that slides off so easily as OP described. I also almost always have to remove core to seat them.

Agree with comments that the rim tape / strip setup may be to blame.

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I have the same problem with a set of Bontranger wheels that came on my CX bike. The fit is so finicky it’s almost impossible to get them to seat - even the local bike shop had a hard time with a compressor. And if you let them deflate they immediate come off the bead. This was true with a set of Schwalbe CX tires and a set of Maxxis CX tires.
In recently got a new set of Hunt CX wheels and the same Maxxis tires immediately beaded with a floor pump and no sealant - so easy.
I hate those Bontrangers with a passion! :joy:

Same with me. My supposed “tubeless ready” Bontrager wheels are a pain to set up.

I posted about this 5-6 weeks ago and Chad McNeese asked if I had the right rim strips. Turns out the rims strips that came on the wheels with the bikes were not the right ones.

I’ve got the right rim strips now. Haven’t set the wheels up tubeless yet with these rim strips, but am expecting it will be a lot easier based on a visual inspection of the rim strips.

So with bontrager wheels, check that you’ve got the right rim strips.


Thanks @DaveWh - good to know. Maybe I will order some and see how it goes. So do you just use these strips and no tape?

I’ll probably use a thin strip of tape to seal the spoke holes, and put the rim strips on top.

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Good tip! And also keep in mind if you have bontrager wheels, their tubeless easy setup is made to work with all 3 parts of tubeless being bontrager (wheels, rim tape/strip, tire). Bontrager can’t account for another manufacturer’s tire bead diameter. So if you using another tire, it’s a bit of a roll of the dice.