Tubeless on FloCycling Wheels

I have a pair of Flo60 clinchers, and they state compatibility with tubeless tires. I’m thinking of finally making the switch due to some recent flats. Does anyone has any experience with which tires and sealant worked best?

Currently running Conti Grand Prix 4000s II, 700c x 28 tires.


I have run the 5000 TL’s all summer on my Flo wheels using Stans and have had no issues at all. I am very impressed with the tires/tubeless combo.

I run Schwalbe Pro One with Orange Endurance sealant in My Flo 60… has dramatically cut down on flats.

Schwalbe Pro one and Stans for me with no issues. Only issue is getting the tyre mounted as it was very tight. Some anecdotal evidence that Schwalbe Pro one side wall is a bit “vulnerable”.

Awesome. Thanks for the replies!

Follow-up question: Are you running 25’s or 28’s? My Conti 4000’s are 28’s but expand to probably 30/31 when inflated to ~82-84psi. I prefer the slightly wider tire, but am conscious of the “lightbulb” effect.

I’ve ran 25s and 28 GP 4000s on my flo 60 disc clinchers. The 25s to me felt much faster. Not sure why, but it seemed very significant.

28C 5000 TL mounted to Flo disc brake clincher wheel. I am a bigger guy, a little North of 200lbs and I run 80-82 in rear and 78-80 front. I might try going a little lower and see how it goes.

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I have converted a Flo Carbon Disc to tubeless with a Schwable Pro One Tubless tire. When I inflate to 85 psi the disc “pops” and deforms. There is a concave section. When I deflate, the disc pops back to normal again. I can’t figure out the problem. I ran this disc with tubes and GP 4000s all last season with no issues.

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Also, anyone know of a sleeve of some type I can put over the valve stem to raise where the nut goes?

Right now the open section of the disc for stem access is higher than the rim. I can’t reach down enough to fully tighten the nut. If I put a short sleeve over the stem, then the nut, I think it will raise the nut to the access point. Curious if anyone is familiar with this?

I guess this is a cold thread. But how did you sort it? I am going mad with Flo 90 on the back as the Schwalbe Pro One TLE does exactly the same thing. It just doesn’t sit evenly and the carbon section of the wheel pops and deforms - concave convex in places. Deflates and goes back to normal. Have you figured it out? I reckon the Schwalbe simply doesn’t sit evenly along the rim, which creates uneven pressure… I have been told is the tyre. Just a pain…