Tubeless sealant and shipping bikes

I’m considering shifting to tubeless tires, but I’m curious if anyone has run into issues when shipping a bike with tubeless tires.

Airlines say to deflate your tires before packing your bike, I’m guessing due to the differences in air pressure when flying.

Seems like there would be a fine line between safely deflating tires and getting sealant everywhere, but maybe I’m overthinking it?

overthinking it. flown numerous times and never have had an issue

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Normally it’s not a problem, however it’s probably best to draw out the sealant before shipping. I’ve received bikes with sealant just fine, but one time it leaked all over the inside of the box because the tire deflated. It was a mess to clean up. Just a thought.

If you deflate to 1/2 the normal pressure, there should not be a problem.


Never deflated my tires while flying with them. So it probably wouldnt matter.

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Most tubeless tyres fit tighter on the rim than normal clinchers, and wouldn’t just come off because there is no air in them. If yours come off easily, it’s probably best to take the sealant out first.

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I’ve taken multiple mountain and road bikes with tubeless tires on flights.

I will let some air out but don’t completely deflate. This helps keep the tire on the bead. If the tire pops off the bead, then it may leak.

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