Tubeless mounting frustration

I’m trying to change the tires on my gravel bike. The tires I’m putting on I’ve used before and so the insides were a little sticky with old sealant, I finally wrestled the tires onto the rims but now the tires are sticking to themselves so it doesn’t seem like there it anyway I could possibly get this to Seal and seat, has anyone else dealt with this problem?

I’ve had the same problem, and usually installing old tyres is more difficult then new ones.

Sometimes the tyre sticking to itself is not a big problem, because it creates an “air channel” and actually helps seating it. But often it is difficult to get a seal around the valve, and the stickyness makes it hard for the tyre to move onto the rim/hook. In that case, soapy water on the rim helps the beads move. Also try prying the beads apart with a tyre leaver.

If that doesn’t work, take tyres off and smear talcum powder on the sticky parts, that’ll keep it from sticking together.


How are you inflating them? Since switching to an air-compressor to get the job done, my tubeless life is much less stressful.


Great ideas

Similar issue with old tyres, ended up just leaving them to dry out for a couple of days and then peeling off most of the old sealant, that did the job! Also found just lightly wetting the edges of tyre can help it seat, seems to reduce the friction a bit and make it easier to pop into place.


Additionally pop out the valve core and put the compressor nozzle on the stem without it. It will let much more volume through and hopefully get most of the bead to seat. just make sure the nozzle has a good bite on the stem so it won’t pop off. Hold it on tight if you have to and wear eye protection.


What are you using for sealant? I’ve personaly had great luck with Orange Seal…it can be messy (like any sealant) but I never found it to be sticky. I’ve remounted tires without issues using it.

Can you “pre seat” some off the tire bead? Sometimes you can use a tire lever to get 1/3 of the bead on both sides mounted then use a compressor to finish it out.

To do it you take a lever under the tire bead and lift it onto the bead shelf, use your thumb to keep it place. Try and pre mount as much as you can, if your valve stem is 12 o clock go from 11 to 3 on one side and from 9 to 1 on the other.