TSS: TR vs TP Discrepancy

I’ve searched a couple of threads to try and find the answer but not sure I’ve found the answer.
TR has my TSS significantly higher the TP, by an order of magnitude of 2.

Tonight I did South Twin, and I used both TR and Garmin 520 to measure / record the ride. Both simultaneous were synced with TP at 26 and 28 TSS respectively. However, TR has the ride at 53 TSS.
Additionally, I did an outdoor ride on Sunday (60 kms) with TR having it at 200 TSS and TP at 99 TSS.

Anyone any clue why I have such a large discrepancy and which one is correct?
(Power & Heart Rate match).

That means your FTP setting in TR and TP are different.

You need to configure TP to use the same FTP as TR, and then you’ll get the same TSS.


Thanks @bbarrera. Updated FTP in TP.
Will go for a quick ride and check.

works for me, I receive the same TSS in Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, and TrainerRoad (or within a point or two).


All good - TSS aligns now across platforms

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