TSS ramp rate for a Masters Crit racer

I have notice that the training program I have done for short power build has a rate at which the TSS increases every week. from reading other parts of the forum i am using a web site called intervals.icu this monitors the the TSS and recovery as well as a whole host of other good stuff.
i am 48 years old been riding for 6 years seriously racing crits for 2 years this year. i want to grow my FTP while I can and hopefully beat the looming over 50s tipping point!
how hard must i go for the next couple years? My current RR is around 3.5 but i think this is elevated due to the reduced fatigue of not have to go do my work. i am preparing for our club champs in September so i want to stay on this trajectory to September. My best FTP was 309w last year at a weight of 83kg before an accident on the bike my FTP at the moment is 283 and hopefully growing again however my weight is 89kg which is not ideal.

Please help[ with some advise.

Don’t focus on the ramp rate. Focus on how you feel. Get the intensity that is being prescribed and fill with low z2 type riding when you can swing it. Focus on recovery.


Thanks @ErickVH I am following the TR plan builder, i only get extra TSS on weekends when i do a Saturday group ride, i start an hour before the ride and do TR workout before the group meets at 6 and then we head off doing SS or Tempo for 2 hrs and so far it is working a bit but i am not seeing the growth I had last year when I first is started TR. i had heaps of base (4 years) but no structured training is this why i am not seeing the growth in my FTP? my recovery is the same now or even better, my diet is 100% better following the “endurance diet” model more or less. i fuel the intensity every workout and out door ride. My weight has remained at BMI 25 now for 4 months, the dxa scan i had put me at 20% body fat in March 2020.