TSS missing in app, included on website

Since updating to Version 2019.4.0 earlier this week, I’ve had two rides where the app records the TSS as 0. I can see the TSS increase during the ride and when I click through to Analyze Ride, I see that the website has an appropriate TSS. For reference, please see my Jan 23 Carter and Jan 27 Levitt +2.

I use an iPhone XR with IOS 12.1.3 connected to an Elite Drivo trainer.

Hope this helps.


Noticed it on my iPad today. 0 TSS immediately after ride on iPad but everything fine when I logged on with PC and checked Calendar.

Same here on android. Didn’t bother me much tbh. Only some rides are missing it, not all of them

Found a fix in earlier thread. In the app on the Ride Summary, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner, then hit Re-Sync Ride. TSS fills back in.