Trouble installing XO transmission

I could use some advice (please!) as I’m pretty sure I’m doing something simple wrong but I have no idea what it is.
Just received a fezzari signal peak and am trying to put it together. Followed all of the steps and watched the video etc but having problems getting the XO transmission derailleur to shift correctly. I am using a torque wrench.

It shifts fine from smallest cog to about the 5th from the largest. At that point it seems like the roller is rubbing up against the cogs and preventing the shift up. Almost like a b screw problem but :person_shrugging:
Any advice?

You’ll need to follow the setup from sram for installing the derailleur. Your “b tension” is off.

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Something is off. It looks like your chain is way too long. Did you go through their setup app (or table) cut your chain to the required length? Have the adjustment cam in the correct “A” or “B” position when doing the setup? Have the chain on the correct cog (21t or 24t) when doing the setup? Make sure you had the cage locked in its intermediate stop position when when pulling back the DR before tightening it down? Here is photo of mine in 6th gear. Note to cage angle compared to yours.

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Thanks for the pic, it’s clear something is off. I went through the video, used the app and it told me position B, 21T, 116 links… recounted the links. I guess I’ll try starting from scratch this morning and triple checking everything. It does feel like there’s not enough tension in the system. The marks line up where it attached to the frame (the little silver thing and the der line up).
Somehow I seemed to have made the one mistake they thought nobody was dumb enough to make so they didn’t put it in the video :joy:

Sorry I missed the part in your original post where you said you watched the video already, shame on me haha! Make sure your derailleur is in the setup position, IE the clutch is not engaged and the locker button is in the intermediate position.

No worries I appreciate all help. I think I figured it out by watching the video for the 6th time :joy:
Apparently I just suck at following directions.
I didn’t realize how important it was to get the position right before tightening down the derailleur to the udh slot. Seems to be working now!

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  • I’m guessing you had to rotate it rearward? It looked too far forward in the pic, but I haven’t done the setup myself so didn’t mention it.
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did you use the correct “setup key” (A/B)

it’s part of the bike (inc size) specific setup, signal peak size M for example:

Exactly right, rearward rotation :+1:

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