Trek to give trade in credit and sell used bikes on website

I have to say that I thought the eco slant in the articles was complete BS.

Paying wholesale for used bikes doesn’t reduce net carbon emissions for the planet. If Trek didn’t buy those used bikes, they would be recycled in other ways (ebay, ProsCloset, craigslist, given to a friend, etc).

Used bikes may reduce some calculated emissions per bike metric for Trek because they will take credit for the recycling.


I got an email from Rrek announcing that they are now selling used bikes.
A lot of recent model year bikes, prices vary a bit, but are nothing special. Seems like they are competing with the ProsCloset.

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I’ve done the same thing many times with Mikes over the years. Yes, I could have probably gotten more selling on the open market but their process is really easy.

Apply the $$$ to a newer more expensive bike each time and over the course of time you’ve got yourself a pretty nice bike. Great way to upgrade and keep the stable fresh.

That bike I sold didn’t take any real effort to sell, and huge difference on $$ to go against buying my Domane. Literally just sold a set of wheels for almost 3x what I’d get from Pros Closet or trade in, and I just listed them an hour ago :man_shrugging: I’m too cheap to walk away from easy money. That’s my story.

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Wow…the pricing they have on Red Barn is insane. Fora 2023 Madone SLR or similar spec’d Emonda, they are basically knocking $1K off the original retail.

Hard pass on that.


I know so many people that live in fear of selling stuff to strangers. They’d sooner trade in a car and lose three grand than post an ad and sell a used car.

The “used” Treks in the online Trek shop appear to be essentially new. Steerer tubes don’t seem to be cut. I don’t see a mark on them and chain/chainrings still look new. What do they have, 5 miles on them? Demo bikes? Or, just a way for Trek to dump excess inventory in a different channel?

They are ostensibly bikes that have been traded in to dealers for credit towards a new bike…the used bikes are then shipped to Trek and checked over, tuned up and placed on the site for resale.

There are a number of bikes on there with cut steerer tubes…

OMG…the number of bikes pictured in the small chainring is embarrassing!!

C’mon, Trek…this is bike photography 101!! :joy: :joy:


There is a local dealership that has commercials basically saying trade in with us so you don’t get murdered selling on marketplace… People trade in/give away all sorts of things because it is simply easier, let Lowes take their washer and dryer when they drop off the new ones vs selling them on craigslist. Have the plumber take the water heater instead of taking it to scrap. At least trading in a car unlike a bike or those other things can have tax benefits.

Some of the bikes do almost seem like demo bikes, others as noted do seem to have been fit/modified and likely were sold bikes.

Speaking of demo bikes wonder if an unintended benefit to this marketplace will lead to more small shops being more willing to offer demo bikes. They can now let you demo or rent something and they won’t have to worry about it sitting around another year waiting for the person looking for a deal, they can just send it back to trek or if it becomes available they are able to just list it through the red barn service to cast a wider net.


Every bit of me wants to believe in this, but I just cant help feel like this is trek virtue signaling to the consumers while knowing damn well they want to sell the same bike twice.

Ill be interested to see what the used bike prices are, as I have a Fuel Ex8 that needs to be sold. If I could sell this and get a Boone for my wife for not much out of pocket, id be all over this

Edit - just checked…they have a used Boone up there for $3999…new theyre 4200. maybe not goin this route…

I have a 2020 Aspero with a pretty decent build and Power2max PM currently listed on FB and CL and gave The Pro’s Closet a chance. They offered me $1300. I will continue with the original plan…

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I sold to the Pros Closet at the height of the bike shortage.