Training workouts for kids?!


Can a child of 12 years old, who does cycling in competition use Trainerroad for workouts?


If they enjoy it, it should be possible as all workouts are relative to an individual’s ftp

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Only things is the age. Can children of 12 years old do sth wrong by doing TR workouts? What workouts should he avoid?


I feel like a 12 y/o should focus more on having fun and mastering technique. And that is mostly outdoors.

If I were to have a kid ride indoors I’d rather would let him ride something like Zwift. I wouldn’t start with structured training on Trainerroad till 15-16 or something like that.


Ok thanks! I agree outdoors is better for kids, but days are shorter nowadays and the weather is bad as well.
I thought indoor training would be nice to pass these winter months.


I agree that if conditions outside don’t allow for it then inside is an option.
If you’re set on indoors though, I would not let them ride for longer then 30minutes. Maybe even shorter in the very beginning.
No matter what their riding history is from outside, kids are still growing and any fit-issues can really come to light indoors.

I can search to find the other threads, but I and others here are largely against TR for youth like this. An unless you plan to pay for a separate account, ‘sharing’ TR with another user is against their Terms & Conditions.

Personally, I think a more ‘fun’ option like Zwift makes far more sense. Kids 5-15 can have a free account.

ETA: prior topics I mentioned, for reference:


If indoor is the only option, I would also highly recommend Zwift over TR for kids. At 12, the focus should be on enjoyment, skills and building an aerobic engine. Don’t worry about intervals and workouts.

Get them the free kids account on Zwift and just let them “ride” and enjoy it.


One clarification - I don’t believe there’s any requirement for an adult to have a paid Zwift account in order for their child to have a free account?

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Looks like you are right. I just skimmed the info and seems they may have dropped the adult account connection at some point, because that was a requirement in the past.

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