Training w/ herniated disc C5/6/7

Hi all,

I’ve had a slipped disc C5/C6 4 years ago, with massive pain down my shoulder, arm and hand. Apparently, the MRI showed that my nerves/spinal cord had been compressed quite a bit (apologies if I’m not using the right terminology). Decided to not undergo surgery, and recovered well using only conservative treatment. I’ve started swimming, then running, and then really got into triathlon and therefore also cycling. :slight_smile:

Fast forward to today: Have just been diagnosed with another slipped disc C6/C7 and while the degree is less severe than last time, I’ve got considerable pain in my neck now. I’m scheduled to see a physiotherapist this weekend. Am really sad to face another episode of spine injury, just days after I signed up for a 70.3 in April.

Anyways… I would love to get views on how you have dealt with this injury, how you have been able to recover, what kind of exercise you’ve been doing during recovery. I know the standard advice and that doctor and physio have the last say, but just curious to hear from others who have suffered - just to give me some perspective.


L5S1 and L3L4 rupture numerous times for me. Long story short a very astute PT slowly helped get stabilizer muscles to fire/engage. Once some level of engagement was achieved stability followed and then strength and finally mobility. It took months but, I was religious and it payed off.

I realize not C level or a slip but, I get the pain and I think stabilizer muscles are key to any spine injury. Best to you !

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