Training plan for 2021: I want more snap

So I am starting my training for the 2021 season, and I want to work on one of my limiters, my lack of snap. When rested, my sprint power is alright (1,300 W peak power, about 1,200 W 5-second power and almost 1,000 W 20-second power). For reference, my 2020 peak FTP was 323 W (about 4.5 W/kg at 72-73 kg). But when fatigued by hard rides, my sprint at the end was usually kinda weak (700-800 W). What is worse, my acceleration is quite bad.

My strength are my 5-minute power and my capability to suffer, i. e. spend time at high % of my FTP.

How would I best got about modifying my training plan to help me improve my snap?