Training in the cold for an event happening in warm climate

I am actually training towards an event end April in Mallorca - weather to be expected warm (mid 20 Celsius).
My Tacx is set up outside on the terrasse and I am based in Switzerland. It is getting now cold and I have figured a way with clothing.
Now I am wondering how my fluid intake will be different during the event compared to my training intake.
I have around -5 to 5 degree Celsius during trading vs expected mid twenties in Mallorca.
Any input/experience/thoughts?

Hopefully between now and April, it will warm up on your terrasse too.

I wouldn’t worry about it until nearer the time. If there is still a large temperature difference, you could do some heat acclimatisating training by training inside without a fan, or maybe outdoors with a lot of clothes. But a couple of weeks before the event should be enough.

Regarding fluids, of course you’ll want to drink more when it’s warm, but again I would try and figure that out when you’re training in warmer conditions too.


I train on my patio, and even at the current 0C I get warm doing vO2 max workouts etc as there is no breeze to cool you. When in Majorca you’ll get the cooling from the air, not so much climbing but in the descents. You will likely find due to the cooling effect when moving that the difference isn’t as great as you think it might be. But there are so many factors like how hard you are working, humidity, it’d be impossible to put a number on how much you’ll need to drink in Majorca. Are you in Majorca for a week? You’ll figure out your needs on day 1 or 2, then be good for the rest of the week. Just make sure you can carry enough bottles to deal with what you find.

I wouldn’t worry about it right now. You can start to think about it in March when it’s warmer in Switzerland. The combination of warmer temps, with your trainer being stationary (no airflow), along with wearing additional layers should do a decent job of getting you ready. As far as fluid intake goes, I know in cold weather I don’t feel like I need to drink as much, but that’s where you can just do it based on time, drink every 10-20 min. Also, if you normally run icy cold water for your water bottle, I’d drink it at room temp. Obviously if you can move your trainer indoors that would be ideal, just don’t use a fan and that’ll get you well on your warm to heating up.