Training by Perceived Exertion (RPE)

I have just started training by Perceived Exertion (RPE). Using the 1-10 scale. Then, I multiple the score with the duration of my workout, sRPE.

I am wondering if anyone has ever done It for a longer time, do you count warm-up/ cool down as well?


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Typically you use RPE for the actual workout not the warmup and cool-down. That’s the general rule in strength training at least. Would love to hear others chime in

I’ve usually thought of it as a feeling of how long I could maintain an effort. With 1 being (easily) all day and 10 being ~1 minute.

I usually figure out my RPE rating once I hit my cool down, so it doesn’t really include that. But the workout is included, and its impact is really how well it sets me up for the actual work. If I have a good warm-up, then the RPE for the actual workout is probably lower than it would otherwise have been. If I have a bad workout, then the overall RPE will probably be a bit higher.

For reference, here is the TR article.

I kinda disagree with this as I don’t think everyone has a good sense of rpe

I will disagree & agree with you. I think you are correct, most people (including myself) have a hard time judging RPE. I struggle with the 6-8 range a lot. However I do think it is extremely important, especially for racing. Now with that said, the way I think to work on it at first is (if you have a Power Meter) is to just follow the ranges given, and try to determine how you feel from that. Don’t think to hard about it, just try to correlate power ranges to how hard that feels.

When racing RPE is the most important, when doin Tri I never had a PM on my bike for short course and everything was on feel. If i think i can push it that’s what I do, if not back off. In addition having listened to the fast talk episode you referenced I believe they gave a good & detailed explanation as to why RPE is so important. Just remember pros have had entire careers using nothing but RPE before all the sensors we have now.

Great, thanks for the comments and advice. I have listened to that Fast Talk episode and checked the link.
I will drop the data (HR, Power Meter) for a while, I will use only RPE and session RPE at the end of the workout. I am planning to do it at least for 6 months or even a year.
Let’s see what can we learn from this. I will leave my comment/experience then.


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