Training and Libido - Real Talk

It is important to frequently change position!

Glad it’s not just me. Having problems with my libedo. After reading people’s comments, I have a demanding job, upped my volume significantly, made gains but seen a noticible drop in my sex drive, and it’s power for the course. Thanks for all the open and honest comments. I’m glad I used the search function before I posted the question!

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I was only passively reading this thread, but sharing similar experience with many here. You may be surprised what a week off training, work and rather enjoying food, sun and company can do to you! It certainly did for me, I even ask myself why am I doing this (training and work stress) to myself.

Wow interesting thread!

I too have notes that my libido has gone down during the weeks of intense training.

I don’t know the chemical science behind it all, but it feels as though i get my ‘release’ from burying myself on the trainer 3-4x per week. I get a high physical rush, intense mental crush and then a pure release.

Saying that, maybe i’m just focused on other things in life… or i’m getting old (35 soon). I dnt know what it is…

With increased stress (physical/emotional/etc) comes an increase in cortisol. Cortisol is the enemy of testosterone. It totally makes sense, chemically, that your libido suffers when you’re training (too?) hard. Are you recovering properly? How’s your sleep hygiene?

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