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New/used bike day for me last week. A 2020 top fuel to replace my 2018 top fuel


Hey! Does that count


Nice! I am actually really close to pulling the trigger on a similar bike (the Urban Arrow)

I wish more people knew that a yellow bike adds 20 W to your FTP. :smiley:


Bike colors have become so boring. My road ride is an all black Scott. Bring back the 90s and some verve…


thanks mate, I was also riding UA for 4 months. if you need a comparison, just let me know :wink:

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First time out with my new 650b setup, really tall and very tan sidewalls on the Goodyear Connectors - “Trim Donut”
Enjoying it quite a bit, still need to play with tire pressures as it felt strangely bouncy sometimes.

It was a bit windy :joy:


Is she okay?

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Just got a bit more patina. :slight_smile:

@cfox2008 How are you liking your GS1 so far? I am considering ordering one… I am torn a bit between the green and blue color options. How does the green look in person? Are you happy with everything on it so far? Also when did you place your order and how long did it take to arrive?

@fpenland I love it! It’s my first gravel bike and so far it’s been a blast to ride. I think the green looks pretty close to the pics on Ventums website in real life. It’s not as dark as my pic makes it look. I have no complaints so far. When I ordered they quoted me 6 weeks but it arrived about a week and a half after I ordered it which was an awesome surprise. No idea if that’s typical or if I just got super lucky.

Awesome! I think I am going to pull the trigger, did you upgrade to the Enve wheels from Ventum or did you buy those elsewhere?

@fpenland Through Ventum