TrainerRoad users' bikes

Thanks aclsf - hadn’t looked up that droper before. ~300gr lighter is a huge difference.

Here are my two:

A 2003 Calfee Tetra Pro that I only just built up. I moved some parts from my old bike and used some new parts as well.

My otso warakin - still stock - but some upgrades to come soon.


Wow, love how the color shifts from blue to purple depending on the light

I own a 170mm AXS dropper, granted it’s not on a 27lbs FUEL EX so weight isn’t a huge consideration, but it’s the best dropper I’ve ever used. Also neat if you have multiple bikes you can swap it with ease and there’s no cable to mess with to set up.

How do you like the SQ labs saddle?

At the end of 2019 I was thinking about getting more into XC mountain biking and upgrading the $300 MTB bike I’ve been riding off and on for almost a decade, but I waited and 2020 bike availability happened.

Walked into my LBS a few weeks ago to pick up some new road tires and they happened to have a few Scotts available in my size. Quickly read some reviews online and took it for a short test ride. Ended up making a pretty rash decision to buy a Spark 940. I’ve put about 30 miles on it over the last few weeks and I’m pretty damn happy with it. Jumped in feet first and signed up for a 20 mile XC race in November :sweat_smile:


@sjparker - Thank you! I considered the Reverb AXS but went with the BikeYoke because of weight and cost (the Reverb retails at $800 compared to ~$360 for the Devine SL).


Final bike in the stable this year. Never ridden CX so this will be very fun! I love how it rides on gravel and on nice single track, I’m a MTB:er,… :joy:

The paint job on this bike is so awesome. I think it’s the coolest bike I’ve ever owned.


Got the 7yr itch so threw a dropper and 1x12 on the old girl. 2013 Yeti Big Top


Mandatory 2 point deduction for no turquoise on a Yeti. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: