Open Wi.De gravel bike

Have had my. Open Wi.De for a few weeks now. Am absolutely over the moon with it. It is such a Swiss army knife of a bike - gravel, winter training, some road etc. It complements my “summer” road bike perfectly.

Jonathan has something to look forward to when he gets his.


Wow, congrats. I’m super jealous, it looks really really good.

I saw someone at my local cyclocross league racing one and it looked just as good as when I’ve seen them set up in road bike guise. I don’t know what the geometry is like but it does indeed look like the perfect do-it-all bike

More pictures please :grinning:

Geometry is “endurance” bike like. Mainly through a slightly taller head tube.


Beautiful bike! How wide are those GK’s? Does it run faster or slower on gravel? Curious if having tires THAT wide start to slow you down.

zomg where did you get that bar tape

I don’t feel it does - and here in the UK trails are wet most of the time at the moment - so they offer great grip. They are actually not that wide - 38mm.


It is Supacaz. So are the cages. Tried to match the blue in the Open logo.

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I love fresh bike pjorn in the morning…damn good looking ride!

Very understated, love it.

Ahh. That makes sense. I was expecting something like 2.4’s. I run 40mm Ramblers on my Lauf.

Ooooooh boy the WI.DE is such an awesome bike. I am saving up money to buy myself one after I graduate from my university this spring! That orange frameset though… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Have an Open UP that I’m using on gravel and road. Great bike


The OPEN is such a nice bike and your build is a dram.I had the same idea. It all startet with, I need a cyclocross bike but then I figured out, that I don’t ride the classic cyclocross stuff.
Most of the time I just ride through woods and stuff I just can’t do with my road bike.

First I thought I need a powerMeter on that to do intervals. Then I just thought, no way this bike is just for fun and my intervals are for indoor training :smiley: <-- which has nothing to do with fun :partying_face:

I ended up with this build:

cheers Chris