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Worth knowing if the powder coaters you choose has done bike frames before but loads of them have - you don’t want them unwittingly powder coating the internals of the seat tube, BB threads, threaded rack mount points etc A powder coat finish is pretty robust if they do it nice and thick.

This was the first one I had done in Kawasaki green probably just over 10 years ago now; decals from eBay.


I often resist posting stuff like this, but I don’t use social media so why not post it here - I mean there is a thread right?

Planet X - Pro Carbon
Ultegra R8000 groupset
Waxed chain (of course)
Selcof 55m carbon wheels
I’ve just bought some 30mm tyres for it this week to fit as my first tubeless setup


Nice colour :star_struck:


Got the frame for 450 euros. Weights 1.4kgs more than my previous Ridley frame (the fork is 1200g somehow).

If rides really well, and it looks amazing to me.

I’ll probably swap to black tyres, 40mm deep carbon wheels and a carbon fork. That’ll likely get it to under 10kg (currently 11,5).


Merida SCULTURA 4000

And for commuting and groceries

Mongoose Rogue



Love the photo under the ‘Bike’ sign :grin::ok_hand:t2:

My budget chinese build.
Hygge frameset, Farsrpots FS45/32GH wide gravel wheelset (32 internal, 26 external, 45 depth) with 30mm Continental gp5000S TR, mechanical ultegra, 105 165mm cranks with ultegra chainrings.
Already done 4000 km without any issues.
The carbon handlebar and wide tires feels incredibly comfortable after the 25mm tires, alloy handlebarbar and stem.


Plenty of pics in other threads but I’ll spam this one anyway during the boredom of a rest day :joy: This is my latest addition to the stable, a Paradigm (a small local company) Verso (titanium gravel bike).

I initially put the old green pedals off the Fuji on so I could ride it but the latter black shimano pedals look much better IMO. Shock, horror though, I may have to sell the Fuji to make room, which the Verso effectively replaces, as it kinda gets in the way :joy:


I’ve just put 30mm GP5000 S TR on my bike as well. Feels great and my first step into the world of tubeless.

I’ve always loved GP5000s since riding with them, even when on 25s.


Your Paradigm is a beauty!

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Finished off the build for now. Still a chunker at 11,5 kgs. You really can feel the weight on the climbs (all my local gravel has sections of 10-15%). I think some nicer tyres setup tubeless will make it perfect.