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I like this workshop, wedge under the wheel and instruments on the right side. you seem to be a good neighbour :slight_smile:

Finally finished my new “budget-friendly” road build:

I’ll keep a low-key search going for an integrated bar, but I’m thrilled with it so far. It is FAST.


Sunny days mean commuting on the road bike. Tarmac SL6


Nice I have the same bike, really like it, How is the shifting with the internal routing of the shifter cables and how was the installaiton? that is something I want to do soon, as I need to shorten the hydraulic hoses anyway since they are now too long after going from the stock 44cm bar to a 36.

Shifting is not as crisp as it should be, but it’s not bad enough that I’m considering taking it external.

Install was the most involved internal routing I’ve done, but not hard or frustrating. Just takes time fishing things to where you want them.

I will likely go to an electronic group set when I stumble upon a good enough deal.

Wanted an aero bike and didn’t want to pay a lot.

Used Rally Health Felt AR-FD Frame w/ integrated 110 stem
Bought new takeoff Felt Devox Aero Handlebars off eBay
Transferred Rival AXS with some Force AXS parts from another bike
Transferred Hunt Wheels from another bike


Because the Vanquish performance takes a 200 gram penalty but the set costs the same as just the rear on the rapides. And the HEDs are wider internal. Also, not sure if it is still the case, but Spec was licensing the rim profile from HED… as was Hollogram and several other brands just ripped off the patent.

HED is the OG for awesome wheels.


The main reason for the question was that based on the other components it looked like it was a stock build in which case it would seem odd to swap out Roval Rapide CLX II for a pair of HED Vanquish

Just for sake of clarification, the internal width of the OG Vanquish (which from my eye is what he has) and the Rapides CLX is the same (21 mm) however the external is wider on the Rapides (Vanquish is 30.6mm Rapide is 35mm). The new Vanquish have gotten a bit wider both internal (22.4mm) and external (31.1mm)

Not a new bike but…I moved an older SRAM Force AXS eTap group to the off road/gravel bike today. Pretty stoked how it turned out…
-Masi CX frame
-2020 SRAM Force AXS D1 group (10-33 cassette)
-2024 SRAM Force AXS D2 crank/PM…46/33
-2018 DT Swiss 1100 Dicut ARC wheels @62mm
-IRC Boken tires
-Pro stem and Bars (120x40)
-Black Inc. post.
-Sella Italia saddle


Saddle: Alpitude Gardena
Handlebars: EXS Aerover
Wheels: HED Vanquish

Wouldn’t say it’s very stock :slight_smile:

But yeah HEDs are exxxxxtremely underrated. Kinda IFYKYK wheels. I always laugh when bike magazines test a whooole bunch of latest and greatest wheels and HED is consistently top 3 in aero testing despite not changing the design for a crazy long time. They were doing wide wheels when rovals, zipps and enves were rocking external widths that were narrower than HED’s internal.

Anyway no hate to any wheel, just extra love for HEDs. Stock weights are hard to stomach nowadays, I’ll admit. But yeah they are bomb proof and fast as they come (actually a bit faster) so there’s that.

Yeah, I’m well aware of HED wheels. I was on the original HED Belgium C2 around their launch back in 2010. Rode the Jet 6+ and Disc in tri/TT from 2018-2021 and have had HED Eroica (now named the Emporia) on my gravel bike since 2020

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Rides surprisingly smooth for an old aluminum Cannondale. Paint is beat to hell, but it’s an old city bike cleaned up and fitted with 11 speed 105 and some decent old Mavic Ksyriums. Pretty sublime for a 20lb bike. Handlebars look a little huge from this angle, but they look OK in-person.


My Gravel Bike. Got the bike (with mech disk brakes) for 650 euros on Wiggle before they stopped shipping to the EU. Basically put on a bunch of spares and 2nd hand deals on it. Wheels, tyres, stem, bars, cranks, hydraulics, etc.

I don’t really like how it looks that much, but the second I get on it, it rides like a dream. It suites my gravel riding style very well.


Damn…that was the bike that started it all for me. Looked exactly the same.

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Sold this bike yesterday to help fund my wife’s new work project. It was a sad day - mostly as I looked back on all the hours and hours of effort that went into where it was today - but needs must. Sold via eBay and collected in person. After fees, I got £3400, so not a bad day’s work.


Cool! It’s a fun bike to ride.

Dirt Squad, the Surly is for sale.


I have the same frame running an Etap groupset. So are you saying you run full length gear outers through the frame? As when mine came from the shop running 105, the gear cables entered on the downtube.

Superb bar-tape coordination🤘


Is that a custom paint job or some kind of vinyl wrap??