TrainerRoad Pricing Update - But you have until Oct 8th, 2018 to Lock in at Current Pricing

As long as you change before oct 8th you’ll be charged $99, even if you don’t renew until sometime in 2019.

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Totally agree. I input all of my own workouts and don’t need any of these new features. If I was looking for ‘bells and whistles’ then I’d go for Zwift. I just want basic no frills at a basic no frills price.

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Thanks for the reminder - I just finally (after 4.5 years) switched from monthly to annual billing after reading this. I have zero issue having paid more than I needed to though, as I think the value you’ve delivered is well above what I’ve paid (let’s be honest - I’ve got tires arriving from Amazon tomorrow that cost more).

Cheers! (now to figure out how to spend more than all of those savings on TR kit without the wife noticing…)

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Still the best value in cycling.


Thanks for the heads up! After paying monthly for way too long, safe to say that I won’t be leaving any time soon. Time to switch to an annual membership. :smile:


I used to pay monthly price and use TrainerRoad only for winter training (November—March/April), that’s 5 or 6 months.
With previous price it was 60-72$ per season.

With price increase now these are the options:

  • Pay new monthly price for 5 or 6 months 75-90$ (coming season could be still at old price, though)
  • Pay 99$ annual price.

So I get all year round for 9$ more? I guess I’ll take the offer.


But, don‘t tell his wife. :rofl:

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I’m on the monthly subscription. If I wait until say december, will the 99/annual subscription still be available for me?
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TrainerRoad is by far the best training tool i’ve ever used. I’m excited to see what new features and services are offered with the increased revenue.

Also, good on you for grandfathering in current subscribers at their current price. Other companies need to take note. This is how you respect your longtime customers and create a loyal customer base.

Thanks Nate!

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No @trailJoel, because:

What if I want to change my subscription after October 8th?

In order to stay grandfathered into your current pricing plan, all plan changes must occur before October 8th.

After October 8th, if you change your subscription from yearly to monthly, or from monthly to yearly, you’ll lose your grandfathered status and pay the new pricing, which is $15/month or $129/year.


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The improvements with the analytics and calender are fantastic. Obviously the meat and potatoes (workouts and plans) are amazing. But the way you respect and interact with your customer base is a lesson to ask companies. We feel like we matter to you. We feel like we are part of the team when you act our ideas. We love your passion for cycling. I live the fact that you are grandfathering the price increase. You guys rock. Keep up the good work.


Hi, If I have the montly subscription , it will be updated to the new price? or I keep the old price while my suscription is active (its automatic payment thru paypal)


@Nate if you and your fellow TR people keep putting out products at this caliber y’all could double your prices and still be the best in the industry. Y’all are da truth!

Locked in - Annual… leave me be @Nate but keep the hits coming!

Given how Zwift nearly doubled their cost when introducing rises I think your rise is more than fair given the additional features added recently. For us in the UK it has got progressively more expensive due to currency changes but we just have to accept that! Great of you to grandfather prices in for ever as well, Zwift only offered this for 12 months also. I think the timing is great as well with now probably being the time of year casual users rejoin which will maybe convert some (me included!) to annual plans. Now if you could just arrange for a favourable exchange rate every Oct that would be awesome!

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With pricing going up, seems like it would be wise…

Price increase does not seem bad at all, with all the features added in this year I expected it. Really glad to hear grandfathered in been a TrainerRoad user for 5 years now!! dang…
With all the new features you’ve saved me money though as I don’t see a reason to also have premium training peaks anymore so Thanks @Nate to the whole traineroad team, keep up the good work!

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Even worse for those in Australia considering the currency conversion but TR is still worth every cent.

@Nate, quite generous to grandfather everyone in who maintains an active sub, I remember when you said that on a podcast a while ago and I thought, “this guy is all right”. Finally, THANK YOU for the forum, any medium outside of Facespook is excellent.


Nate and TR team,

Thanks for the grandfathered pricing policy. I’m a happy camper and TR devotee. I still consider $129/annually to be absolutely worth what you guys are creating.

The passion you guys have for the sport and your platform, and your open communication with and willingness to listen to us users, gives me full confidence you will put this extra revenue back to work on bettering the product.