Trainer tyre for 24mm 29er MTB rim to fit on Tacx Genius

I am after a tyre to use on my Tacx Genius with what I think is a 24mm internal rim. I just don’t know how narrow I can go.

It won’t be used off the trainer so minimal risk of falling off the rim even if technically too narrow but it will be run at 100-120 psi.

Not fussed about a specific trainer tyre as won’t have much use, a road tyre is fine, especially if very cheap like a Conti Ultra Sport.

Did I mention cheap?

I would get a Conti gator skin or Schwalbe durano or similar in 28 mm. You won’t need to pump that up as high as 100psi, just a bit more than road.

I bought a cheap conti 25mm tyre, fitted perfectly, cost very little and works well.

Running it at 110psi as I do with the road tyre (as find that gives most consistent power numbers).

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