Trainer is not matching my workout

trainer is not matching my workout,
I am getting ready to go buy a new trainer!
My tacx neo is only two years old and it is not keeping me happy.
One crazy thought I am having is thinking about three people in the house using devices at the same time.

I keep getting power surges or unable to match resistance when it should and my cadence may also be off.

any thoughts before I lose my cool?


Hey Andy,

ANT+ or Bluetooth interruptions could definitely cause some issues! However, you may also want to look into calibration, some help from Tacx, or just a new trainer. If you have a faulty unit you could try to request a warranty?

Hope you find serenity either way, and that you can get back to training effectively soon!

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I have been trying to notice how my trainer is behaving by limiting the use of other media, especially even using the Bluetooth speakers. At times it seems to be going okay and then I think streaming Netflix interferes.
I am out of my warranty period so that is not an option. My next step is to go David Goggins style and forget the music or other video. I have two room-mates in the house and I am also trying to notice their use as well.

Could you post a screen shot of one of your workouts?

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haha, now you are challenging me, I will see what I can do. thx for your interest.

the issues are very subtle, in December is seemed much more than in January when I started to address the issue more.

what will happen is the resistance will not change to the rest interval or the resistance may just increase.

sometimes I will back pedal for seconds or just restart the workout.

you are welcome to take a look at my career, I just changed the password for you.



I trust that you won’t have me believe this is the stupidest thing I have ever done


I don’t need to log into your account. You can just make your data publicly available. Or just take a screenshot on your phone if you have the app.

Just to confirm that you’re not just looking at the normal power fluctuations, here’s an example of a workout I’ve done on my tacx neo. Not that the power doesn’t ever track perfectly along with the prescribed workout. The power also tends to fluctuate more when I get in and out of the saddle. I can also tell you that on workouts above threshold the power generally fluctuates more than this.

Tacx Neo is a very solid trainer. Using for 2 years with all kinds of connection within same room. No issues at all. No calibration needed. This is a given forNeo.

Just post a screen shot of your last workout and the firmware of Tacx and lets see all together.

I understand the fluctuations and I am not being overly concerned with that. I also understand the difference when standing up. I can tell when a workout interval is over because I have done plenty.

What I am experiencing is the interval is obviously over but the resistance did not drop or for no reason the resistance will just increase outside of the normal fluctuation.

I would be interested to see what that looks like if you can get a screenshot.

Tonight I used my phone instead of the laptop and with no extra streaming and the workout went perfectly.

PS, I have no idea how to attach a screenshot?