Train Like Froomey

Froome’s always breaking the rules with how much/the type of training he does :wink: I imagine being his coach might be exasperating.

I agree. People really should just stop talking about Max HR as some sort of a performance figure. Same goes to all the magazine articles that quote what maximum HR should be for a particular age group.

In my case, it normally goes like this:
“Whaaaaat? You’re 42 and your max is 200 ???”
“Whaaaaat? Your resting HR is 45 ?? How are you not dead ???”

Seriously, just stop it.


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You can install this free “Elevate” plugin for Strava on your Chrome browser… It does all of the above, and more.
Honestly, give it a go.

Did I mention it’s free ?



Though of course this will only give you percentages of power if the person has provided (a) their power data, and (b) their correct FTP.

I made the first one in TP and its 372 tss and a 6 hour ride :dizzy_face:

God, imagine the calories burned…

Any insights on the weekly structure? Was Session 1 a once-a-week thing? Or is this how he does “general endurance”?

And so much sweetspot, didn’t he get the memo that “ALL” elites train polarized, avoiding this devilish no man’s zone :slight_smile:

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I think it was part of an intensive winter training camp that involved various similar rides. Although you can’t see the power data anymore, you can still see that in January he was doing an average of 633 miles a week (although some was on the TT bike and some probably motorpaced).

One can only speculate on how exactly that fitted into the aims for the season, but for more insight, this article about Rohan Dennis’ attempted transformation from prologue specialist to GC contender is worth a read (spoiler: LOTS more volume).

Well, you say “so much sweetspot”, but 2 hours is as little as 6% of his total training in one of those weeks…

but according to the true faith he’s supposed to spend 0% in there. “Science says so”.

Apologies, but this whole polarization thing has made a cynic out of me. I’m just irritated by how these internet truths evolve these days.

Still interested on how folks like Froome build towards one major peak (o.k. two peaks last season). This should be different to all the second rank pros who share all their data on openly on Strava. By the way, speaking of them. Sort of interesting how their training has changed in the last 1-2 weeks. I check a few on a regular basis. While Nov/Dec has been quite tranquile, now they speed up. Bump in intensity. Longish. Climbing. At SST/threshold mixed with some higher intensity.


Just like Pinot did when he went from amateur to pro ranks — volume more than doubled.

As with other articles posted on here, seems as though increased volume is more of a ‘silver bullet’ than increased intensity.

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Well, it is for a GC contender like Froome and like Dennis is trying to be.

But the article also points out that Dennis must have built a colossal FTP off much less training volume, and was - by anyone’s standards - hugely successful as a prologue specialist / jersey hunter.

Very few of us on this forum (and indeed a fair number of pros, including Dennis until the last couple of seasons) have ever needed to put out a 40 minute max effort after 5-6 hours in the saddle. Which is what Froomey’s gargantuan sessions will be all about.

That’s why they are eating machines