TR Price Increase to $189.95/year ($19.95/month)

Yeah, a price increase that amounts to < 0.25c per day is just way too much.

I really don’t know where I would be able to find that kind of money :roll_eyes:

Given the cost of life in general these days, I’d say that the price increase ain’t so bad :thinking:


It’s worth noting that the grandfathering doesn’t allow you to switch from monthly to annual billing. I’m currently on $15/month and if I try to switch to annual it tells me:

You’re currently paying $15.00/month . You can upgrade your plan to 189.95/year and save -10 (-6%) a year!

So, a negative saving - no grandfathering if you want to change billing cycle.


Omg, you are 100% right. We need to fix this. I just ran it by a couple people and we are in agreement. We’ll work on this.

This is a little harder change and pricing is always sensitive, so it might take a bit to get it out.


Thanks @Nate_Pearson - I’m happy to hear it’s a mistake. I was considering switching to annual at some point, but I’m not in any hurry.


We’ll have an engineer start working on that tomorrow morning. Thanks for pointing this out!


Guess I’ll be going back to Zwift in the winter months when my annual subscription expires.

As someone else mentioned, if you are going to charge this much there needs to be tiers. I don’t race - don’t need access to performance analytics or calendar features. Doubling the price in less than a year (like 9 months) seems crazy.

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But if yours in annual your price wouldn’t be going up.


It would if I chose not to renew it for some period of time.

I don’t even use TR during spring/summer/fall, so having the ability to go month to month over winter was something I was considering. Zwift is a much more affordable option in this scenario now.

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TR will get away with this. You guys have a loyal following and a good product. It will be noted and #hmmmmmed a lot that this is the second increase in under 12 months. That’s like getting two punctures on one ride.

Try that on with Zwift and watch the world burn. The shit that went down when they bumped their prices once was amazing. Everyone become an economic expert or statistician overnight. I trust the TR community will remain cyclists and this is just a shrug.


Given outdoor workouts and headunit integration, it seems like a reasonable and justified increase.

A year of TR is less than a month of individual coaching. That’s good value in my book.


I’m not industry. I’m just a loud consumer. I did however come up with the double-puncture analogy. :wink:

And screw it, I’m going with a clickbait article headline on


A year of TR is cheaper than a coach for one month. Seems pretty damn good in my book.


I am curious to see the comments here and from the industry guys (DC Rainmaker, GP Lama, Smart Bike Trainers, etc.).

I think it’s a mistake. The simple version is most people on this forum (including myself) are grandfathered in, so TR will mistakenly assume the feedback was mostly positive, since they’re basically only going to get a general shrug from grandfathered members.

What they’re going to miss out on though is people doing the monthly pricing math and seeing that TR is by far the most expensive option. I know, I know, you’re saying that annually it’s roughly the same. But that’s not what people new to the platform will be looking at, because they’ll be wanting to try it out for a few months instead. Perhaps trying Zwift too, maybe Sufferfest. TR doesn’t really begin to shine as a platform compared to the others until a longer duration, especially when looking at the most recent new features.

The other challenge TR has is that Zwift can easily list a bunch of ‘exciting’ features they’ve added in the last 12 months, things that resonate easily with non-longtime-TR people. Meaning - it’s harder to explain to someone fresh to trainer apps why the analytics TR has are worth it (even if they really are).

All of which ignores whatever pricing creativeness Wahoo might be planning with Sufferfest now with the acquisition.

Short version is that I think they’ll see their new sub rate take hit. Whether the additional money makes up for it is math hopefully they’ve done. Just my two cents.


You are right, potential new subscribers will go to Zwift.

This is a mistake. A potential TR acquisition must require more revenues to be justified?

Hate to just say “me too,” but this is my thinking too. If I were just starting to look at training platforms right now, as a relatively new cyclist (basically the position i was in when I first subscribed to TR), the difference between TR and Sufferfest would not be clear… but the price would be.

I assume this price increase is in place of outside investment, and even recognizing the risks, maybe chasing aggressive growth targets aren’t the worst option here.

(But what do I know? :man_shrugging:)


This exactly. As a coach considering developing a business, and knowing what “we” charge individuals for months and provide, TrainerRoad is an incredible value at $99, $129, or $189 for a year.


This makes sense to me. I’m guessing TR saw a number of people - like me - jump in off the sidelines prior to the last price increase. I’m “grandfathered in” at $99/year even though I think I subscribed basically a week before the price increase. I was on the fence, that was the push, and here I am.

Now, whether or not any of us currently paying the $99 or $129 would actually give a poo if people did that again… well, I would be a hypocrite, and I just don’t get the sense that people would’ve minded at all so long as their pricing structure didn’t change.

So while the price increase IS justifiable IMO (as mentioned TR is a tremendous value as far as coaching or individual training platforms go), perhaps the decision not to announce it was ill-conceived.

I hope it works out for the best for you guys.


A conspiracy theory - maybe you only subscribed annually because you didn’t want the price increase. Maybe they wouldn’t have got your subscription at all otherwise?

@Nate_Pearson - I am a new user of TrainerRoad and loving it. I am just starting on SSBMVII and have a monthly subscription, mainly because I was determining whether TR was for me or not. If I want to switch to a yearly subscription I assume that I would pay the new yearly price rather than the yearly price at the time I joined? ie. I am only grandfathered in on the monthly subscription price? Thanks

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Good question. We’re writing a code update so that you could switch to the grandfathered yearly price. I don’t know a specific ETA but I assume it will be out in a week unless we run into issues or edge cases.