TR Nutrition Plans + TR Training Plans

that’s not really what I’m getting at, but thanks.

That’s not a bad idea. @Jonathan this could build upon what we talked about today. Something to keep in mind!


That would probably be the best way to do it, relay on everything else.

I have this feeling an TINY portion of people are consistently tracking their calories in a third part app enough to see trends in fitness (or for us to detect trends).

Although there’s value in this feature I have plans to do other features that I think would deliver even more value and to even more people.


Here’s my brainstorm @Nate_Pearson :

  • Focus on nutrition timing and relative macro-nutrient content
  • Recommend calorie content relative to recent work done, work upcoming, workout time of day, whether it’s a work or recovery week, and recent plan compliance
  • Let people track their own calories elsewhere and be their own judge of whether they’re adhering to the nutritional recommendations
  • Direct link the rest to your existing nutrition and recovery help content


How did you get this view, is this just a dummy from what you programmed?

Also, are your power numbers real? If so, they are off the chart!!!



Just a dummy view, including power numbers! So long as we’re fantasizing, why not give them a little bump…


like this?

@Jonathan @Pete @ambermalika what do the PMs think?

Just wonder, when you have a App for calorie counting YAZIO, and a App for sleep tracking Fitbit or what ever you use. All data from this different Apps are synced to the Health App I-Pohne as a example this data are accessibly for the TR App. I guess it would be easy for TR to get this Data and show them in the Calender, so you can make connection to your workout. Also while we are at it, in Zwift i can connect my Smart Scale to my account, any morning i jump on the scale (Withings Body+), my weight gets updated in Zwift, i wish TR would have that as well.

As you did say in s recent Podcast, Sleep and Nutrition are 2 major factor performance improvements, and this would be a good way to make them easy visual.

All we really need is A progress bar showing calories left to burn until you can hit the Popeyes!

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I use smartscalesync for a couple of quid a month that does this. Takes it from Fitbit (which my renpho scales sync to), fires it out to Strava, TrainerRoad, Garmin Connect.

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thx for the info, i will check it out.

It is a great experience, when you have a calorie counting app like YAZIO and a sleep tracking app like Fitbit or whatever you use. All data from these many Apps is synced to the Health App I-Pohne, which is accessible to the TR App , for example. I imagine it would be simple for TR to obtain this information and display it in the calendar so that you can link it to your workout. Also, while we’re on the subject, in Zwift, I can link my Smart Scale to my account, so whenever I step on the scale (Withings Body+), my weight is updated in Zwift; I wish TR had something similar.