TR Fit files exhibit ridiculously high speeds

For a few days now TR-exported fit files contain ridiculous high speed values, i.e., to hundred of thousands of km/h. In fact, speed seems to linearly increase with time during the workout, today going up to 240,000 km/h:-o
Thus, today I cycled a distance of 42,919.40 km in 1:32 h …

This is reflected in the result of importing these fit files to Strava, as well as Apple Health (via HealthFit).

What’s going on here?

First thought is to confirm the wheel size you have entered into the Settings of your TrainerRoad app/device. A typical road tire setup is 2096mm (for 700x23) or 2105mm (for 700x25) IIRC.

Next consideration is the potential for altered values via ERG mode (if used) and gearing in use)

After that, it might be related to a bug listed in a thread just moments ago.


Wheel size is set to 7500 mm “forever”, this specific problem only occurred from yesterday on.
Also, while today was ERG, yesterday I did the workout in resistance mode.

Seems to be the same bug brought up in that other thread, too.

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OK. Since that other one was first and this is related, I will close this to prevent more duplicate discussion.