TR Feature Suggestion: How motivated are you to train today?

Using the old TP scale, when doing SS workout (like 3x20) I would rate that as a 7 because there was some burn to it but wasn’t crazy. Now their 7 is much harder than I was labeling things. But I’m a king of overthinking things.

I feel the same way, which is why I advocated for including words

I wasn’t putting the TrainingPeaks out as a “gold” standard, just more that the words are clear. Realistically for Motivation, 5 choices is probably more than sufficient with 3 / middle being “normal” or “average”

The thing I love about all of these scales is that marketing research has shown that humans can’t really handle more than 9 choices, and if I’m remembering correctly, 7 is the optimal number. So all of these scales that have more than 9 options are losing information as people can’t reliable discriminate

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This is a bit of a myth - there isn’t really a single optimal number - it all depends on context. The more choices there are, the higher the cognitive load, and it’s then a trade-off between that and the benefits of the additional choices. The cost of that cognitive load will vary from person to person and context to context. The benefits will also vary from context to context (the dynamics of the decision space), the particular use case of the decision maker, and the options offered.

A particular study may find that 7 is, on average, optimal for their particular experimental conditions, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to other situations.

But your overall point is sound.

As always, cyclists overthinking. It’s sort of our thing

The idea behind relative assessments such as this and pain scales is that the data is relevant when looking at the individuals responses over time as well as when assessing large data sets

I’d suggest that for something like workout adaptations this data is most powerful when comparing to prior responses from the same person while population level data analysis would be secondary

I’d further suggest that TR has implied but not, I believe, explicitly stated that they are tracking responses against our own individual responses (for the post workout survey). Many users have reported that they feel this is not the case based on their individual experiences with adaptations

Clarity on this from TR would likely help assuage these concerns and analysis paralysis that many here seem to be experiencing


Definitely understand where you are coming from @JT_34.

We don’t give out a key and tell you to not overthink because we want your own “rating.” This way, the data is not skewed to meet a certain standard but rather find trends in how fatigue works through the cumulative of everyone’s ratings.


Agree completely with this.

@MaudeD I heard back from the team :slight_smile:

With VoiceOver/Talkback, the Motivation Survey isn’t selectable for the screen reader until the workout has started. Since the Motivation Survey only remains open for 15 seconds, it’s difficult to cycle through the options before the survey goes away but the emojis are read correctly (“wear face emoji”, “ worried face,” “neutral face,” “slightly smiling face emoji,” and “beaming face with smiling eyes emoji.”). In doing some further testing we found an improvement we can make, so we’ll work on fixing that up as well!


Add another icon? :skull:?

There are days when I feel dead, like I’d rather do anything than get on the trainer/treadmill, and yet I do. I usually am glad I did it as the endorphins kick in, but yeah…

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I’d call it the “o/u emoji”.

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This just started happening today.

I think it needs work/I’d appreciate the ability to turn it off. The emoticons are a bit Zwift/cartoony and I’d rather it popped up when I open the app for the first time in the day, not as a step to move through when I’m trying to get going

My 2c.

  • Already present in the Settings section.

  • That might need to be a user option. Plenty of people open and use the app without running a workout. I do calender review, add notes and do other stuff. I’d hate to have to clear that each time I’m in there not headed to a workout.

  • Survey at workout launch makes the most sense for direct connection.


I agree with this. Pretty much the only time that I open the app for the first time right before my workout is if I get on the bike first thing in the morning. If I am working out in the evening, I’ll usually open the app earlier to see what’s coming up. My motivation to train might change drastically between the morning and when I get on my bike after a tough day at work.


I’d like to see some stats showing the relation between motivation and workout type.

Pretty sure that Threshold would have a bad time.


There’s a reproducible bug in the windows app with this feature. Start a ride, answer the prompt and ride. Open the attached devices screen. Go back to the ride and you’ll be prompted to answer the motivation question again

I am curious if there is a way, at least retroactively, to prompt the motivation survey when you link an outdoor ride to an outdoor workout (or maybe just sync an outdoor ride)?

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Nothing I can think of in the current workflow offered. I suspect that feature would be added as an option for “outside workouts” if TR decides to implement this long term. As of now, I’d guess they are keeping it to just inside workouts for a more narrow and controlled use case to evaluate for effectiveness and such.

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I’m not a fan of the new survey, but I could get a good laugh out of looking at my results where you would see that every indoor workout is a 1 and every outdoor a 10.


Yeah I don’t think I’ve gone higher than :neutral_face: on a single trainer ride since this launched :laughing:

(I’m all for the survey, I’m sure my responses will normalize once the snow forces me back inside. Ugh.)


I just have to laugh at “hey, it’s 5am. You got up early after not getting enough sleep to smash out a workout before taking a quick shower and heading to work where you will be the last person to arrive in the office, still sweating like a demon and praying no one scheduled an early meeting over night, how motivated are you to do some VO2 intervals?” :rofl:


look i’m here ok, i’m doin the thing, what do you want from me