TR Feature Suggestion: How motivated are you to train today?

Got to say I’m not a fan of the implementation. I opened the app for the first time in a long time today to do a turbo work and that is not something I want on top of my training screen at 5am - it’s early and I’m just here to train.

They also seem to hang around for a really long time as well (at the begining and the end?), which is annoying and seems purposefully done to be annoying in the hopes you’ll answer. Not great.

I was really happy to see someone point out I can switch it off in the settings

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Every time I do the motivation question, I chuckle a bit. I’m always highly motivated TO HAVE DONE a ride. :rofl:

Personally, I’ve answered every single one with the :grin: option - if I wasn’t highly motivated, I wouldn’t be here in the first place.