TR Base program trying to kill me?

So I signed up for the Masters General Base Low Volume. I’m a 47 year old with a 3.6WPK (4.1WPK on QuarQ PM) coming off of a long race season, and doing plenty of >.90 IF sessions.

I presumed I would be doing some chill base sessions, for example .55IF to .73IF of “achievable” or “productive” sessions, but that is not the case. I’m 2-weeks in, and I already have a BREAKTHROUGH session (Gieger .82IF) ! WTF?? Next week I have a .82 and .86IF session … Yikes! I mean, I can do these and complete, BUT, I was hoping to allow my body to chill a bit in Zone 2 or Tempo zones.

What I’ve been doing, instead, is changing alternates in the “achievable” range. I foresee myself doing alternates non-stop … then what’s the point of doing the plan??

Or should I just HTFU ?


i had the same questions for my first TR programe. Trust the process my man.


I get it. But machine learning doesn’t account for my mental fatigue and physical fatigue from a long race season. I’m good with being militant during race season, but wasn’t expecting a .86IF 2-weeks in to base. Thus, it’s hard to “trust” the process.


You could switch up to Traditional Base instead of General Base. It is probably more aligned with what you are looking for. General Base has 2x interval sessions a week on Masters Plans with one bumping up to vo2 from sweet spot during end of base 2 and into base 3.

  • In addition to considering the Traditional Base option instead of General Base, have you taken any form of “off season” to recover and be ready to return to dedicated training?

And don’t let your ego get in the way. If the effort was hard or very hard, mark it as such. The adaptations will eventually come.

Don’t be afraid to turn a workout intensity down if it feels harder than it should. AI will also take that into account.


Indeed, I took 1-week “off” with 3 hours only of joy riding. Again, I can complete a .86IF, but was hoping to take the foot off the gas for a short bit and ease back in.

I will look into Traditional Base.

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That’s trainer road, it’s still based around sweetspot workouts by default if those are not to your liking you could try traditional or polarized base as alternatives


geiger is workout that should be doable with a correctly set FTP. Is it 3x15? I’m working with a friend trying to get back in shape and I prescribed him 2x20 @ 90% as the first workout and it was doable. so if these workouts are daunting to you, I’d recommend revisiting your FTP setting

editing to add: I’ve been a believer in 2 interval sessions/week and sometimes 3 for a while now. TR has finally come around on that, and I’d recommend that approach to any plan

Another vote for Traditional Base. I’m new to TR (four weeks in) and am doing the Traditional Base, High Volume. For the first 3 weeks, it was all low intensity zone 2. Now in the 4th week I’m starting to get some sweet spot mixed in with the low intensity zone 2 work. I’m really liking it. Traditional Base seems more of what you’re looking for. … Edited to add, I’m 59 and NOT doing a masters version.


Again, I realize it is “doable”, I can indeed complete it, but a .86IF still taxes the body, ESPECIALLY when one is coming off of a long season of training/racing at >.90IF sessions. Sorry, but few complete a .86IF session and say, “that felt chill.” If I was 27, I’d be all in.

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i’m 43, this has been my last 3 weeks, just have to make more days easier than not and focus on a couple of key sessions

You are self coached. “Trust the process” means trusting your own body and using a plan for guidance.

TR should not replace your brain.


Two seasons in a row I did traditional base 1, outside. All easy endurance pre-AT, and tossed in some accelerations and sprints to have fun and keep those systems warm. Great way to unwind from structure and racing.


Just switch it up to traditional base. If you are craving to ease into the season I think you should do just that. There’ll be plenty of time for crushing it come the following months.

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I use workout alternates liberally. If I’m not up to the scheduled workout, physically or mentally, I’ll switch it out. Still gives me the “right” training stimulus, but keeps me motivated.

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Hey there,

Our General Base plans still feature intensity sessions to grow your aerobic base during this period of training. The workouts won’t be as high-intensity as you might see later on in your season as you approach races, but the General Base plans won’t be 100% Zone 2 riding.

We’d advise trying it out – the majority of athletes who follow these base plans go on to see great results!

If you’d still like lower intensity, though, you could look into our Traditional Base plans. Keep in mind, though, that Traditional Base probably won’t be as effective as General Base would be unless you have a lot of hours available to train (>10 hours per week).

We’d also strongly recommend following the advice @mcneese.chad suggested. Taking a week or two completely OFF from training is a good call for this time of the year. You’ll come back after the break rested and fresh for a new season of training.

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Thank you Zack, but allow me to repeat: TR has me doing a BREAKTHROUGH workout in week 2 of base.

This is lunacy at its core.

That being said, I have decided to just select my own workouts moving forward and be more suspicious of machine learning.


If you’re concerned about the higher-level workouts coming up next week, don’t worry – your plan will adapt once you get to that point. Your plan will only change during your current block. Since those upcoming workouts aren’t part of your current block, adaptations won’t be applied to them yet.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Just chiming in so you know you’re not alone. I’ve found I’m much better off doing longer lower intensity on my endurance days. I too find that the expectation for the easy days is too high. Go lower and save that intensity so you can go hard on your hard days.