TR App with hotel bike (aka Peloton)

Wondering when i travel if it is possible to get the
Power reading from a peloton when i travel so I still can do my tr workouts?

If it has bluetooth and power don’t see why not. Used to run TR at my rec on a stages spin bike quite a bit via phone.

Thanks and I will try it when I go on my next trip. I know I can do rpe just to do tbe workout which is better than not doing it.

I don’t believe the Peloton bikes have a powermeter, nor do they broadcast any “power” number using BLE or ANT.

When I’m traveling I use regular hotel bikes. With a bit of experience, you can make the most of it an actually get in a pretty decent workout.

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It displays a power number and cadence but I don’t think it broadcasts it.

It estimates power in a fashion similar to a Kurt Kinetic InRide sensor and not far off from TR’s virtual power (but not broadcast). I was in a hotel with Peloton bikes this past week and I was frustrated that you can’t even seem to access any features on the enormous touchscreen without an account…

But I see a few options if this is a regular issue for you:

  1. With a Peloton account connected to Strava, a workout can make its way to TR for tracking. Then it’s on you to know the intervals, rest periods, etc. of your workout, but you can try to match the power calculated by the Peloton to your workout.
  2. Without a Peloton account, power meter pedals can work on them. Then you’re just using the Peloton as a dumb spin bike and adjusting the resistance knob to nail the right power for your TR workout. This should mean the same watt numbers mean the same thing even when you travel, and you can run the TR app directly, all good things - but you have to travel with very expensive pedals and the tools to install them.
  3. The ‘easy out’ - just use it as a spin bike, try to get your heart rate up, and accept it’s imperfect training in your plan (but better than nothing).

I prefer #3 myself: if I’m using a hotel spin bike then the cooling situation is atrocious, a 60- or 90-minute workout probably can’t be completed to spec anyway, and I don’t really trust the calibration of random spin bikes or the safety of small expensive electronics in luggage.

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Thanks for the replies and I was thinking #3 is probably my best option as I dont want to travel with my stuff. i am on low volume now and can move things around with the new calendar to make it more manageable.

PowerTap pedals :grinning:

I have used the TR app on my phone and manually matched the watts displayed on the Peloton bike to the prescribed watts per the workout. If you don’t save the ride on the TR app, and have a Peloton account tied to Strava, then TR will pick up all the data from Strava. I have a ride on my account on 5/30 like this. Here’s the rub though: It felt about right in terms of difficulty, I.e. the watts displayed matched my perceived effort. 5 minutes at 110% FTP was barely achievable after 7 intervals on Mount Foraker +5. But after my 90 minute battle I was only “awarded” 88 of the 122 TSS that the workout is supposed to be. When I look at the workout online, the power profile of the ride looks right, with seven 5-minute sections being above the FTP line and with averages for those intervals of about what I expect, but the power/time curve doesn’t match this with the 5-minute power being below my FTP. Seems like a glitch. I might eventually delete the ride and enter a manual ride with 122 TSS since this is much closer to the reality of the ride.

I use #1 myself. Worth it enough that I seek out hotels with Peloton bikes. A few notes:

-If there are multiple bikes - try to find the one closest to the RPE of your usual wattage. They seem to be calibrated very differently. I often can find one is an “easy” one and one is a “hard” one.

-they are pretty flexible, for a hotel bike, in terms of fit. And absolutely slam that “stem” - the front end is pretty tall

-there is a just ride feature so you don’t need to open a class

-you can connect your HR monitor via bluetooth

-there is an issue when it comes into TR that the power is about 1/2 what it should be. TR tells me it is because the Peloton file only captures power 1/2 as much or something per second(s)

-as others have said, it gets HOT in most hotel gyms and I can’t take my shirt off either. Even an hour of Pettit has me surrounded by a sweat moat by the time I am done. Bring a towel for the bars and a towel for yourself.

-You can sign up for a free account to Peloton and use the hotel bikes to do anything you want.

Another thing I will add… I’m not sure how guest accounts work when riding a Peloton, but if it’s available, consider going into settings and adding your FTP. This way, when you do your workout, you’ll get additional UI showing you your current zones (7 zones) if it’s something of interest. For me, if I’m traveling, I’m usually just thinking of workouts as hit some zone, sweet spot, etc. for x seconds/minutes which is easier for me to process than thinking of specific numbers.

Power pedals definitely very easy to swap in and out on a Peloton, and while calibration definitely varies, a fairly calibrated bike does track well enough for the purposes of what I’m trying to do. But yeah, like most spin bikes, you’re really at the mercy with its calibration. It’s a good way for me to get better at RPE.

Since writing that I got Favero pedals and tried (based on @Nate_Pearson’s suggestion) doing VO2max intervals on a Peloton. Pretty workable, I didn’t overheat and I didn’t need a second subscription. However, travel with the tools to swap out pedals is pretty tough. I thought I had a small enough pedal wrench to get through TSA as a carry on, and it worked… one way.

I have some more travel coming up and I’m going to see how well I can do swapping pedals with just a small multi tool this time.

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yeah, i never have consistent experiences with TSA. And I don’t check bags, so I never have had power pedals as a realistic option.

I’ve gone the multi-tool route.

It worked once, the next time on a different bike, the pedals were too tight and the multi tool didn’t give me enough leverage to get them off so I wasn’t able to attach my own pedals.

I’m doing this on a regular basis. I work overseas on a very small compound (no place to ride). We do have two Pelotons. I’m using a set of Favero pedals and my iPad. Did a ramp test with the new pedals on the Peloton about a week and a half after my last ramp test at home on my bike with my Stages the difference in FTP was only 1 watt. Ive been on the Peloton for about 5 weeks now finishing up Sweet Spot Base Low Volume II and starting General Build Low Volume. Some things I have noticed; Workouts much more than an hour are very difficult (could be mental), short intervals SUCK (think Spanish Needle), power reading on Peloton is 50’ish watts higher than my pedals.which seem to be really close to my stages. When I get back home I think I will run the Favero pedals with the Stages to compare. And as others have said I cannot get the power from the Peloton to my iPad (I can only read it off the screen.
Food for thought.