TR and Zwift power differences-same power source

Now that it is trainer season I run TR on my laptop and zwift from my ipad. I use my assiomas and Suito with powermatch in erg mode to control the trainer, and run zwift only connected to the assiomas to pull power data, zwift does not connect to the suito. Power data from the assiomas go to TR and to zwift and they always match up perfectly.

This has worked flawlessly up until 2 days ago. On Monday night I tried riding with this setup, I’m on a recovery week so an easy Z2 ride. The power that TR prescribed was 180ish but now matter how easy I tried to spin either TR or tjhe trainer would not allow me to put out less than 230w. I checked that that my connections were setup correctly which they were, restarted the trainer, laptop and ipad, calibrated the pedals, ame sure all data was correct Ie weight, ftp, crank length etc. This persisted until I got frustrated and gave up.

Last night I did another z2 ride. Everything was setup the same and synced up ok, the power data on TR was correct per the workout but the power on zwift was approx 20 watts higher. It certainly felt like 210w instead of 190w and my heart rate confirmed that, I never hit high 140s putting out 190 watts but this would be about right for 210w.
I confirmed all data in all systems were correct, did a spin down of the trainer and calibrated the pedals but the problem persisted.
Any clues?