Tour of Flanders bike setup question/experience

Riding said sportive later this year and ideally would like to use my cyclocross bike with as few changes as possible.

I’ve no time goals for the event but would like to be comfortable and also secure with gearing for the short narrow climbs given the amount of other riders out on the course at the same time.

My bike has a ton of clearance so thinking something like a 32mm road tyre would be a fair bet.

When it comes to gearing I’ve an issue as I’m running 2x10 Campy with a 39/42 chainset and 13-29 cassette. I’m thinking that might be a little high after a few hours even if I expect my FTP to be around 4.5w/Kg at the time.

So should I buy a compact chainset for the event with a 36 inner ring? Given Campy prices a whole new Tiagra groupset is also possible giving me an even greater range of gears.

Experience/thoughts welcome.