Torn - Bike Mech Wins Election

My Bike Mech was elected to the City Council. Happy for her and wondering if I need to find some else to do my bike fit

I guess it depends on whether the role is a full-time job in your city. In many cities folks aren’t paid, so she may need to keep her job. Hopefully she can push forward some biking-friendly ordinances while she’s there.


Most likely she will. Since she moved year she was been involved with starting a number of Tri’s for Adults and Kids. Here it is a full time paid job. I may need go to one of her Lieutenants

I feel like this is a forum post best solved by…asking her? Just spitballing here …

We’re all super happy for her. Go her. More like her.

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I got confused there - in UK “mech” is commonly used instead of “derailleur”, thought this was some kind of Boaty McBoatface type scenario where the voters had rejected all the mainstream candidates and elected a bike component instead!


She is my Bike Mechanic and does a great bike fit