Too much Zone 1 in my outdoor rides - Tips?

i believe, too many people think that the watts number on headunit, represents the process going on within the body. a 5 sec 0 watt on the screen every few minutes, is going to upset the mathematics, but your body will barely notice, as part of a 3 hour ride. it will make no difference to the training signal. the training benefit will not change, and in 6 months time when you look back at the big picture, its irrelevant that you did 20 mins, 30 watts below “target”, on endurance rides.
yes, pedal as much as you can, within reason, but if dropping to 100 watts as you round a corner gets you there safely, that’s the best way. quit over thinking training.


maybe you could set an alert on your head unit when you dip below a certain power


When I initially got Garmin watch, its default settings had vibration alerts for prescribed power ranges during planned workouts. But it was so terribly tedious and drew too much attention during any more complex navigation points when power slightly decreases.

IMHO, it is better to learn your feelings/perception during certain intensity efforts. Of course, initially it still means tracking power vs perception but in weeks/months it’ll be entrenched enough you don’t need look at headunit at all.

Also, learn HR vs intensity (and how it is affected by temperature/hydration/etc). It gives additional confirmation you are in chosen range and you don’t need to track it too frequently.

EDIT: if your volume is high enough, don’t even worry about amount of Z1 during LSD. With 13-16h/w, I am usually riding at 57-60% and drop quite a lot into Z1 and still increasing FTP with 2x high intensity workouts per week.