Tom Dumoulin runs a 1:10 half-marathon

Tom apparently isn’t spending retirement on the couch. Really impressive time for his first race at the distance at 1:10:04 (a pace of 5:21 per mile or 3:19 per km). 21st overall. His pacing was really consistent as well. It would be interesting to know what his training and mileage look like.

Queue the questions as to how good of a swimmer he is…


Probably doesn’t matter if he can run that fast off his bike… :crazy_face:


Aimed for 1:15 and ran 1:10…… well I no longer like Tom.

I’ve aimed at 1:10 and ran 1:15 on several occasions.


I know what you’re saying, but…

Really impressive time full stop!!


Well, it does if he can’t swim…

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Float, Hammer, Jog…that was always my approach to triathlons… :crazy_face:


Everybody knows cyclists don’t float.

(neither do most triathletes for that matter, but we have very expensive wetsuits.)


I don’t know why I am always surprised when I see these! These are world class athletes with world class genetics. They would be impressive in a lot of disciplines

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Seriously. Longest televised putt was by this guy who I heard was a pretty good swimmer. Wonder how he is on a bike?

Some people got double helpings of athletic genes :rofl:

Pro golfer Camilo Villegas is a beast on the bike……rides with groups around Jupiter, FL. First time I ever rode with one of the groups, I thought “I’m pretty handy on the bike….he can crush me on the course but I should be able to hang with him”

Not even close. :crazy_face:

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I bet Tom could be even faster with bicarb